Fake it til You Make It


It can be hard to wrap your mind around fake eyelashes. I’ve worn contact lenses since the 6th grade and am, at this point, so used to touching my eyeball that one would think applying a thin layer of glue to my lashline and then a strip of fringe on top of it would be no big deal—and yet (and by now, you’ve probably realized there’s almost always an ‘and yet’), I can’t do it right. At all. Ever. Maybe once? That one time I did it maybe close-to-right I am certain I spent the entire evening worried that one had made a break for it and was hanging from my cheekbone like some deranged caterpillar. The individual lashes are way too difficult for my expertise level (which is, clearly, low); extensions take forever and, I worry, pull your real eyelashes out when they go. It all started to seem like the juice wasn't worth the squeeze, so I gave up on false eyelashes (unless applied by a professional, in which case, yes please! Lay it on me!).

But of course, I get an eyeful of the beauty for spring (Marc JacobsMoncler Gamme RougeLouis Vuitton this morning), and all I want are those thick, full, somehow simultaneously sexy and chic,wantonly unreal eyelashes. But without looking like I’m wearing a costume. Yes, I'm batty for lashes. Which is why, when I saw Too Faced’s Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System, well, I had to at least try it.

The system consists of two tubes of product and three steps. Steps 1 and 3 are the same product, the ‘Activating Mascara Base & Top Coat,' which you apply like a normal mascara before and after you unleash all the ungodly weirdness of Step 2: the nylon lash fibers. These are essentially a tube of fluffy movie snowflakes with a mascara wand, and for all my eye-touching bravado, I was a little hesitant to wave them around my eyeballs—but wave them around I did!—and they stuck to the base coat, sort of like Colombia’s national export sticks all over Al Pacino in Scarface. Then, on goes the topcoat, and I have to tell you, it doesn’t feel like it should work, but it works. Your eyelashes are suddenly freakishly long (like, tickling your eyebrows long), your eyes are Bambi where’s-my-mom?-doe-like, and nobody has to know that there’s a whole mess of loose nylon spores holding the things together with some paint. I ran around in the rain post-application and lost nary a fiber. Better than false lashes? These might be the real deal.

—Alessandra Codinha

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  • Elise H

    Oooh, thanks, I'm so stoked to try this! Although I love lash extensions, proper upkeep is a chore. Even more annoying, when I need to take a break from contacts and wear glasses the extensions end up crumpled against the lenses! Xo, Elise

  • http://stylebyladyg.com/ Geri Looker

    ooo are they available yet. My eye lashes seem to be shrinking!

    • ITGAlessandra

      They are! If you click the link in the post you can buy it online. xx

      • Katie

        Wait how come no photos of you wearing it?!?!

  • HBS8044

    All I want in life are long, thick lashes without the fear that a corner of the fake fringe is going to flip up and hook to my eyebrow. This looks AMAZING. Did any of the particles fall in your eye, or could they? Are they loose like grit? Does it run like normal mascara, and if so, whats that like? Is the wash off the same process? I have just so many questions. Most of all...do you recommend?

    • ITGAlessandra


      None of the particles fall into your eyes: you're raking them through the wet basecoat (which they stick to), so while it looks like you've been waffling your eyelids around in some unidentifiable furry white substance, it only looks like that for about thirty seconds.

      It has not run since I've worn it! Which I attribute to the nylon fibers. The removal is definitely a little unusual, because it feels sort of rubbery and looks like parts of your eyelashes are crumbling off, but it was actually easier than removing normal mascara (for me).

      I would recommend! Thanks for reading! xx

      • DetDavid

        If you're raking them through and, them sticking to the basecoat, will there be enough left on your lashes? Confused.

        • Jane S.

          You are brushing the white fibers onto your lashes that you've just put the wet base coat on using a mascara wand. The fibers add volume and length to your lashes. Then the topcoat, again, applied like mascara, darkens the white fibers now stuck on your lids and seals them in place. Is that clearer?

  • Bluue

    i have this and while it makes your lashes long, if you accidentally brush/bend/ your lashes in the wrong direction (if that makes sense) they stay that way and its a bi**h to remove....

  • http://katemossdaily.blogspot.com/ kate moss daily

    Edie Sedwick really is the poster girl for false eyelashes, and mega eyeliner. She is one of my beauty inspirations and I'm so glad she snuck into this post!


  • deb

    I would love to see the before and after.. I'm curious!

    • ck

      me too. i can see how they're sort of keeping it classy by not including before and after pics because to me this looks more editorial whereas before/after pics (to me, at least) read more as amateur-ish makeup blog. and there's absolutely nothing wrong with amateur, but ITG seems a tad more ambitious than that. i think it would be neat if they could figure out a classy way to show at least an after shot. even if it's stylized/artsy/editorial, if i could have some indication of what the lashes look like after, that would be cool. although i guess what i really come here for is product recs and beautiful pictures, which they deliver on (IMHO...), so i'm not too unhappy about googling things like swatches and turtorials when i need to see what things actually look like.

      • deb

        I agree with you. I would be happy with just a cool image of what it looks like after... no need for the before.

    • Aya

      Me too please!

  • Brietait

    This is truly a before and after moment. Any pics?

  • http://www.honeynsilk.com/ Stephanie

    I'm seeing a crop of these products! There's a similar one by ModelCo but I would love to give Too Faced a try.

    xx Stephanie
    honey & silk

  • soraced

    Would love to see a video and/or before and after photos! :)

    • Guest

      video is the best idea!

  • http://ibelieveinrosa.blogspot.com/ larissa

    I've seen this everywhere , I'm dying to try it!

  • http://MyLuciteDreams.com/ MyLuciteDreams

    Ive been eyeing this :-) I love the look of Galaso eyelashes on everyone but myself, they always scream 'artificial'. I'm very excited reading this review. Thanks!

  • LF

    I used a product in the 90's called Fiberwig that was similar to this one. I purchased it at Nordstrom. The wand comes out with a cluster of white fibers. It can be ALOT of look! Friends teased me and said my lashes looked like cow lashes. A little goes a long way.

  • Flo

    Lovely tubes!

  • Ana

    This is so funny and well written!

  • Beatriz

    an instructional video, perhaps?

  • Renaphuah

    Too Faced make amazing products (I cant live without their eyeshadowa) even though am not a big fan of the packaging. Good to see TF featured here at ITG x

    • Renaphuah

      I meant eyeshadow primer! x

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1162558215 Marylou Currier

    I can't stand mascara but I'm so lash obsessed I apply Latisse every other day. Yes it really works. Haven't heard of Too-Faced, this funny write-up kind of makes me wanna give it a try.

  • Céline from Provence

    I'd like to try this new mascara ! I've just checked and I can even find it in France :-)

    But for the girls who would like to wear false lashes but have difficulties to apply them and are afraid of losing one during the day/night, I have a solution !
    Personally, I only use Ardell Accent Lashes because they're half lashes so they're easier to apply and they give a more natural look. And I also use the DUO Eyelash Adhesive to secure the lashes. With this glue your lashes cannot fall down I swear !

  • Sleepless

    Thanks for the heads-up... long lashes really make a huge difference... now can you please hide that Tobias Frericks post? It's on every page I'm loading and I totally have a crush on him. Too painful to look at!!!

  • Kitchen Afternoon

    I have had very good luck with tinting my own lashes for several years, I buy the stuff at beauty supply stores, now even cheaper online. The result is nice lashes for a few weeks, and still too pretty to wear make up. heavens no.


    Every time we turn our backs on Great Lash, the consequences are dire.


  • http://twitter.com/webhautejas jasmine.

    now....i have to try this....im crazy about applying like 30 coats of mascara...this may be the cure! thank you!!


  • Denis R

    I would like to try it. Pics before and after would be great,


  • Diana Baxer

    Oh, that sounds amazing! I also want to try this out and hopefully I will be as happy as you about the results ;) Thanks, I really loooove your writing! http://www.fashionique.de/

  • Goldie

    This is such great news! I've always found fake eye lashes hard to apply and they always seem to fall off even when i do manage to get them on, so will have to try and this!
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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1033981551 Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    It still look so intimidating to try!

  • sara browne

    nice post actually, sharing personal experience.
    i would like to see some post on bridesmaid jewellery collection.

  • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ AmbienceChaser

    My sister gave me a tube of this to try on what turned out to be a day with a lot of other stuff going on, so I would add that this mascara is waterproof as heck. I'm a big crier in general, and we're talking 8-12 solid hours of tears. Near the end of the day I caught sight of a mirror and was like, "Whoa, this is some mascara."

  • Mabelandmatilda

    I've heard mixed reviews about this..I don't really need this product but I'm a product junkie so I'll probably end up trying it out anyways! thanks for the post.


  • Avianti Jewelry

    Wow, I really must try this! Its so hard for us ladies to quite get down the art of putting on false lashes, this product seems like answer to our problems!

  • http://fashionclub.com/fashion/feature/lauren-conrad-2011/ Tisha Green

    I've tried fake eyelashes and they take some getting used to but anything that will replace that is up my alley! I love any product by Too Faced, its such a great company =)

  • annabel

    really Colombia's national export?