Dita Von Teese


“People always ask me what my main occupation is. It’s not actress; it’s not model. I guess burlesque dancer is my favorite title because I get the most satisfaction out of that…I guess. And I have the most ambition for creating my shows and performing in them. I think a lot of people probably don’t know that I don’t have a glam squad and that I am self-styled—it’s all me.

I remember really vividly the first time I put a red lipstick on. I was maybe, like, 13? It was the ‘80s. I grew up in Michigan, but from 12 on I grew up in Orange County [California], and everyone was wearing that foil-y pink lipstick—Revlon Pink Foil. I loved that color, but I remember one time putting on a red and thinking, ‘This changes everything. This is all you really need.’ I loved the color it brought to my face that I didn’t already have—and I was blond back then, too. I’m naturally blond; I had really long, blond hair. I looked more like a California girl…a pale one. [Laughs] Growing up, I tried to conform to the more traditional, American look a few times…but it never worked. When I would dress modern, people would tell me that I have such a retro look, and I would tell them that I was trying to wear something new! [Laughs] What I remember most was being made fun of by people on the street for my style and for wearing red lipstick and black eyeliner. I was sixteen when I started doing my cat eye; it was really subtle then. When I was seventeen, eighteen, I really started going for it. I wanted to be the next Bettie Page. I started hanging around more alternative people and drag queens, and I was working in the LA underground scene. And back then, there was no E! True Hollywood Story: Bettie Page; it wasn’t trendy. So I just remember people not having anything to equate with me, you know? People love to point at you and say, ‘You remind me of this.’ I would get a lot of Dracula and Elvira. And when Pulp Fiction came out, people were like, ‘You’re the girl in Pulp Fiction!’ People have a really hard time just looking at you for you; they have to point out what they think you remind them of, which I think is a very strange phenomenon.

When I was a teenager, I worked for Shiseido and Ultima II as a counter manager at a few Robinsons-May stores. I loved that job. I used to come in with no makeup on in the morning, and by the time I left, I was in total drag. I would get bored sometimes and just sit back and do my makeup all day. And at the time, I was wearing my hair in a China-doll bob. One of the reasons I would do my makeup all day is because if I stood out in the aisles for too long, people would think I was a mannequin, because I was so pale, with the red lips and the hair looking like a wig. I would stand there really still, and people would always, like, jump when I moved. [Laughs] I remember, also, I’d always get in big trouble for wearing too high heels. I argued with the management and would say, ‘Who are you to say that my heels are too high. How do you know? I’m super athletic, I’m a dancer, I’m fine in these shoes…’

I loved selling makeup, I hated doing makeovers…but I had a theory: when I was doing people’s makeup I would always—and this always worked for selling—look at them, study how their makeup was done, and I’d do it the exact same way. [Laughs] Hopefully a little better, or change a little something. I discovered early on that people have their ‘drag’… and very few people really, truly want to stray from it. Generally, and I include myself in this, I have my drag and I don’t want to anyone messing with it. I remember when I was little, I was watching the Phil Donahue show or something—that shows how old I am—and they were doing makeovers and they took all these ladies that had been wearing the same makeup for 20 years—you know, the green eye shadow, red lips, bouffant red hairdo, that type of lady. These were ladies who had never had their hair and makeup done any other way. I remember seeing the final makeovers and I was so devastated by how boring they made these women look…and how they looked kind of deflated, kind of disappointed, like they didn’t want to be made-over. Don’t take a lady’s green eye shadow away. I think that there shouldn’t be makeup rules. I love reading beauty stuff, but when they start with the rules about makeup, I get really worked up.

Skin-wise, I have a really good dermatologist who does not shoot Botox and does not have a bunch of lasers—he’s a real skin doctor. He works with mostly pediatric dermatology. My issues with my skin are sensitivity, and generally, I feel like that kind of doctor should just give you good advice in what to look for in products, or what I should be doing every day. I use a light retinol every night—well, not every night because my skin is very sensitive to it. I use a couple different things: I like Darphin products, and I also like Crème de la Mer, mostly because I love the smell, I like the texture, and it never irritates my skin—it never stings when I put it on, ever. That’s the one thing that I keep a jar around of, always. But I still think what’s most important is to go see a good dermatologist who’s not trying to take you for your money, and ask them what you should be looking for in a moisturizer.

I wear a ton of SPF. Lately, I’ve been struggling because I started taking dressage lessons a few months ago, and it’s really hard to find a time to ride when the sun’s not too strong. So I’ve been trying to find a good ‘sport’ sunscreen. I think one of the reasons so many people don’t like wearing sunscreen, me included, is because of the texture—I’m always looking for the ones that don’t feel sticky or tacky. I like ones with more of a dry touch; I hate looking shiny. I usually look for sunscreen when I’m in Japan, and I’ve found a couple things. Shiseido has a nice one called Extra Smooth that I really like it, but it’s kind of expensive. I also found this Neutrogena Dry-Touch one. I’ve been meaning to go to the drugstore and scout out what’s new.

I almost always do my own makeup. I won’t for certain big photo shoots, or when I can’t do it myself—when the concept is something other than a red lip and a cat eye. [Laughs] But if it’s my look, it’s quicker if I just do it. I’m actually writing a beauty book, and so I timed how long it takes me: I would say I spend about an hour-and-a-half to get ready for something that’s important, because, of course, I’m texting, or getting water, or changing the music, or getting a cocktail… It’s a ritual, getting ready. Setting my hair in hot rollers takes me 12 minutes; doing my makeup—it depends on where I’m going, like, if I’d doing full-blown, photo shoot makeup—probably takes me 15 to 20 minutes, which is pretty fast. But, don’t forget, I’ve been doing my makeup the same way for 20-something years. I believe in a routine and practicing it—that’s what makes you good at it.

I switch up my process a lot. If I’m going to do a smoky eye, I’ll do the eyes first and foundation after. I like a really intense smoky eye, and it’s hard to keep it off the bottom of your face. But on a normal day, my makeup routine is significantly shorter than that: I put on a little bit of concealer—I love this MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder, then a little bit of blush, curl my eyelashes, mascara, red lipstick. Right now, I have a makeup collection with ArtDeco—it’s not available in the US yet, but it will be soon. My perfume, Dita Von Teese, just came out here, though. So I use my products mostly, because I was able to make all my favorite blush colors, lipsticks. If I’m not using mine, I use a lot of the MAC blushes, and the MAC eyelash curler is essential. For mascara, I’m a sucker for packaging—I’m the girl who will buy the gold mascara that’s super long, you know the Le 2 de Guerlain one? It’s a huge metal one that’s double-ended. I’ll get it just for the packaging, but I like it. I pencil my mole in a little, but it’s tattooed now; I had it tattooed when I was 21. I went to a famous rockabilly tattoo parlor down in Orange County, and I actually wanted to have him do it in a heart or a star, and the guy was like, ‘There’s no way I’m putting a heart or a star on your face.’ Thank God he said that. [Laughs] He said he would only do a dot, thankfully.

When it’s not my own red lipstick, I love Lip-Ink. It’s the only indelible lipstick that exists. Its like lip paint that they use in the porn industry—it’s, like, blowjob proof. [Laughs] There’s no other lipstick on the market that does what it does; it’s pretty cool. It’s not the most fun to wear, but it works. I also collect vintage lipstick tubes—I freeze my lipsticks and then transfer them to the vintage cases. It’s tricky to do, but it’s tough to find good, beautiful lipstick cases. I’ll do that with whatever red I’m wearing: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in Rose Tempura 13, Dior Roulette Red, Dita Von Teese #28, Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in Fever... I have an entire drawer in my vanity for red lipsticks.

For eyeliner, I like a gel in a pot that you use a brush to apply, like MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. I think the trick to the cat eye is practicing it over and over—when I don’t do my eyeliner for a week or because I’m on holiday or whatever, it becomes difficult again. But my trick is looking at it from all angles, really looking at it with a mirror, from all angles. And as I look at it, I clock where I need to add more. That’s the only way you can really tell. Usually I find I keep drawing both sides until they look even, which is why sometimes I have a small cat eye, and other times it’s huge, it’s major. [Laughs] It’s always a bit of a happy accident. I’ll do false lashes for shoots, but I love Latisse, I totally believe in it.

I prefer an oil-based makeup remover, like the MAC Cleanse Off Oil—it’s one that emulsifies with water and basically melts away the makeup. I like things like that. I wash my makeup off every night—I can honestly say that I have never, ever in my life gone to bed with makeup on. Sure, it’s kind of a funny or strange thing to have to do, the first time you spend a night with a guy. But, I mean, usually—hopefully—at that point they’ve seen me without some makeup or eyeliner. When they start getting close to me, I usually have just mascara and lipstick on. I also always keep makeup wipes around, and if my friends think that they’re going to fall asleep on my couch, drunk, I’ll go and drop makeup wipes on their face and be like, ‘Girl, you are not sleeping with your makeup on!’ [Laughs]

I color my own hair, too. I hate beauty salons. I just hate them. I hate them because I hate making appointments for something else, another appointment, and I hate spending the money. I like to have my hair freshly dyed every two weeks without fail, and I like to color on my own time while I’m multitasking. Plus, black hair is easy; if you do streaks and highlights it’s different. I’ve been coloring it black since 1992—I don’t really change the formula; it’s always blue-black. I use Garnier 100% Color, and right now, I squeeze a little bit of blue from another brand into it, but I don’t think I’ve found the magic color yet. I’m always trying to get it bluer. In terms of hair maintenance, I never like expensive hair products, but I just got this line and it’s totally changed my life. It’s called Obliphica; it’s made here in the States. I discovered it when I was just grabbing some new shampoos and conditioners. I’ve tried everything, all the expensive lines where it costs a thousand dollars a bottle, but this stuff is amazing.

Confidence is the important thing with beauty, mostly. It’s really about doing what you believe is beautiful. I feel most beautiful when I have my red lips on and when I have my cat eyeliner on and my hair curled—that’s what I feel good in, even though lots of people will see me with straight hair and no makeup on, and they’ll say I look so much younger. I don’t really care, though. I don’t care if they think I look prettier without the makeup and hair—it’s about what makes you feel good about yourself. I like having makeup on; I like the discipline it requires. For example, I can’t just dive into a cheeseburger; I’ll have some nice grilled chicken…or a salad. Although salad is hard to eat with lipstick on, too. [Laughs] But there’s a discipline involved…you can’t touch your face with your hands as often, which is good, because you won’t get sick as often. It’s like wearing high heels: there’s a ladylike discipline involved with wearing high heels or a corset…or pencil skirts. Suddenly you have to change the way you are in the world, and I think makeup and hair are a little like that.

In my book, I’ll have all kinds of things in it that you just don’t do around guys—like how I do my hair if a guy’s watching, how to make the process glamorous, so it doesn’t look crazy. I won’t go around with the hot rollers and all the clips in front of a guy that I’m dating, so, I know how to curl my hair with a curling iron, and use duckbill clips so it looks nice when I’m doing it. Or, I would never let a guy see me while I’m dyeing my hair—except for my ex-husband, who used to see me dye my hair because I would dye his hair, too. We would have black hair-dyeing parties. [Laughs] That was the only exception. But there are certain things to be discreet about during the seduction process. Men like to watch you get ready, but I kind of tailor things a little bit for when they’re watching. My beauty book is going to be totally different from what’s out there. I’m going to tell you that you have to pluck the nipple hairs off your nipples before a date—I’m here to tell you that. [Laughs]”

—as told to ITG

Dita Von Teese, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana lace dress, photographed by Emily Weiss in Los Angeles in August, 2012. 

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  • Madisonmile

    Amazing! I've always been a huge fan of Dita's and this is exactly what I've always wanted to know about her beauty tips, products and loves! Great work :)

  • Maria

    Oh I am so buying her book when it comes out. Great post!

  • http://twitter.com/janjamm jan angevine

    It's interesting to read about constructed reality, a reality in which the process must be hidden and once the "reality" is in place, cannot be touched, not even for food. Ouch.

  • http://blakeknees.tumblr.com/ Jenn Blakes

    This is my favourite Top Shelf to date! Dita Von Teese is such an enigmatic minx. I loved this sneak peek into her beauty life. I loved her observation about how people always have to equate your look with something familiar.

    My respect for her grew exponentially the moment I read how in her book she'll tell you to pluck those nipple hairs. THANK YOU, Dita! I thought I was the only person that was aware that you needed to keep that area in check.

    • Janet Lee

      You know what, I actually looked down to see if I had hair there after reading her Top Shelf! Sorry, TMI, but just had to share! :)

  • Suzanne

    For someone whose aesthetic is entirely about artifice, she always comes across as very down to earth. Love.

    • Janet Lee

      Yes! She's always been very open about her glamour. I love watching videos about Dita and how she describes her makeup and other beauty routines.

  • http://ibelieveinrosa.blogspot.com/ larissa

    Love love love this article, I love the vintage vibe of her vanity and her accesories !


  • http://lerablogs.blogspot.com/ Lera

    Finally someone is talking about the nipple hairs! LOL

  • Sara

    Thank you so much for this, Emily! Really enjoyed reading it.

  • Rachel

    Oh my god, I love her. She's eccentric and yet girly. Love the part about using pretty vintage cases for her lipsticks and the one about getting ready in front of men - she really is the queen of packaging and presentation,

  • Ella Pretty Blog

    This is my favorite ITG interview EVER! I love how glam Dita is, and how freely she shares all her products and tips. She is always dressed and made up beautifully - it takes effort but its so worth it. So funny how she doesn't even let her friends go to sleep with their makeup on LOL! I can't wait to buy her book - if her interview is anything to go by, it will be truly useful.

  • Peppermintpoot

    I actually squealed with delight when I saw Dita on ITG! Thank you!

  • Meagan Senesac

    Wow! What a score! She is so freaking beautiful and funny!

  • http://twitter.com/fashionpirate Arabelle Sicardi

    I love love love this interview; makes me excited about her book.

  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    She's hilarious! Great article. And just a side note - the best dry touch sunscreen I've found is the Peter Thomas Roth Uber Dry spf30, it's really amazing. Also a big fan of Kiehl's spf 50. I'm a sporty pale gal myself and so I've done tons of research and testing (on myself, of course). Just in case Dita's reading this and is still on the hunt!


    • Junkette

      I second that on the Peter Thomas Roth Uber Dry! I'm pale, have oily skin, and have been a sunscreen junkie for many many many years. Even though I could do with a slightly less sunscreeny smell, the texture can't be beat. Yet. This one is my favourite so far.

    • Thefashioninformer

      I also like the Nia 24 Mineral sunscreen, which is dry and really does protect. I'm very fair and have been using it for a few years now and have never gotten burned, even during full days at the beach. It's a bit expensive, but totally worth it, I think.. http://www.amazon.com/Nia24-Prevention-Mineral-Sunscreen-30-2-5/dp/B000N2ZYGU

  • Esme

    I shrieked when I saw this Top Shelf! I love Dita.

    (And finally, FINALLY, an interview with someone who actually takes pride in wearing makeup. I'm getting a bit tired of the French women who don't own a hairbrush and claim to wear nothing but $250 moisturizer and $500 eye serum. I don't wear much makeup myself, but I'm also not getting interviewed by a beauty blog.)

    • Uschi

      Well said! I covet radiant skin and that effortless look but I want to read about someone who embraces the way they wear their makeup. Dita is to die for amazing and down to earth. Cannot wait for her book.

    • Janet Lee

      I love your post! Yes, I was beaming too :) I laughed at the part you said about the $$$$$ expensive creams. I don't have any special makeup techniques, but I do have a pretty extensive skin care routine (years of acne, blah blah). I love watching women do their hair and makeup. I'm like a 5-year-old girl when I watch them do it :) I wish I could watch Dita get ready for an event!

  • Heartshapedbox

    I must be the only person to think she is ridiculous for not dying her hair infront of a boyfriend or wearing curlers. Everything is about a guys approval to her, so sad.

    • http://profiles.google.com/fitchic29 monica noir

      No it's not about approval it's about mystique and seduction. Even the low key French girls follow that rule.

      • Horangi113

        Agreed. There is something to be said about preserving a bit of mystery, or as an old boss of mine liked to say. "Everyone likes sausage, but no one likes to see it get made."

    • Thefashioninformer

      I totally agree with Heartshapedbox. Part of having an authentic relationship (with a guy or friends/family - anyone) is letting people see you for who you really are, warts and all (unfortunate phraseology, but you know what I mean). Altering your beauty routine so it becomes, in effect, a performance for someone else's benefit totally goes against that. Why can't you be who you are - and let someone see your normal beauty routine - and still be mysterious/seductive? This isn't 1952 and the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. Women are mysterious by nature, we don't need to subscribe to antiquated ideas to preserve it. I loved this interview but thought this felt outdated for someone who is otherwise confident and freely discusses things like nipple hair plucking. But again, when she was married, she felt "safe" enough to let her husband see her dying her hair, etc. So maybe it's about where you are in the relationship, not the relationship itself.

      • esme

        Bearing in mind her husband was Marilyn Manson, if that guy can see himself with no make up and his roots coming through and be OK with it, as his wife, I'd feel pretty darn confident about my natural look in front of him too. Saying that I used to act differently getting ready when my boyfriend was around but now he's seen me give birth what is the point? There is nothing more ugly than a woman in labour! So I agree with it all being about where you are in a relationship.
        I do idolize Dita a lot and now that my natural hair colour is back in full force, and my two week old daughter and I practically live in pajamas the only glamour in my life at the moment is watching loose women under a fluffy tiger print throw sipping Twining's tea out of my jubilee edition fine china. Maybe I'll begin to incorporate snippets of Dita's rituals into my life - not for my boyfriend's benefit but to make me feel good about me. Personally I think this is the main reason Dita does it. For her own satisfaction.

      • ConsultADictionary

        You've totally missed the point. You can't tell someone all your secrets and show them exactly how you do everything, and still have mystery. That's not how mystery works.

        While it does depend on where you are in a relationship to some extent, I would never tell my husband every last secret I have and let him watch me shave and pluck and exfoliate etc., and I don't even like him to see me putting on makeup(even though he knows I wear it). You have to keep some things for yourself. The sooner you give it all away the sooner all your mystery is gone and you become boring. There is nothing mysterious about a frumpy looking woman in sweats and no make up with a cheeseburger in hand. It's all right out in the open. She might be "real", but she's also boring.

  • Rose

    I think it's cool that she colors her own hair. Her reasons for doing it herself are exactly the same as mine! It's often a hassle to get to the salon.... when you can just do it yourself at 2am if that's the best time for you!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZVCWEVRO6SWKU7TF3NXAIE26A Veronica

    So excited when I saw that she was today's Top Shelf! I have been waiting for this day!


    I'm not sure I agree with all of her points about hiding parts of her beauty process from whomever she is dating or that you have to tailor your routine around a guy --- but it certainly goes hand-in-hand with her persona of modern-day bombshell, and for that, I give snaps to Dita! *snap snap*

  • Fairytalesandcoffee

    After I read this, I checked my boobs to see if I had nipple hair. Nope. What is this an age thing?!

    • Denisa

      I am afraid, mostly, yes :)

    • Giulia

      I've had 'em since I was a teenager! Genetics?!

      • Bishplease

        Yup, my dear, mostly genes, and I have them too and appreciate Dita's honest note about staying vigilant.

        Good for you, Fairytales, to be nipple-hair free, and to be such a lovely person that you need to post a backdoor brag about that, pretending that you don't know that some people have socially undesirable hair where others don't. You and your ilk make reading these sorts of articles a lot less pleasant, and for no reason. I don't give a damn that this will be criticized or deleted. Everyone with a scrap of decency knows what I'm writing is true.

        • Yuna

          Actually, I did the same thing as Fairytales-- hair on my boobs, but none on my nipples! (weird)
          and it's not meant to be a backdoor brag at all... probably tmi though


          What a cry baby...

  • We’re all stars now

    Aww she's adorable.

  • Eftalidis

    ''I won’t go around with the hot rollers and all the clips in front of a guy that I’m dating..''

    I will always love you and I will always remember your way of bein a woman, Dita.

  • Lydia

    I've never related to Dita but this made me have an appreciation for her. She doesn't need to embrace all the cool, expensive habits to feel good about herself.

  • Antoinette Marie

    I enjoyed reading this post very much!

  • http://www.facebook.com/c.ro87 Caitlin Robertson Willard

    LOVE this!!! may be my favorite ITG post ever! i love to hear about someone who is a fellow makeup junkie and admits to putting work into looking good! as much as i envy these french women the do nothing by air-dry their hair and put a little rodin olio russo on...it just does not work for me! i love the idea of putting your best face forward when you go out into the world. i love old movies and actresses for that reason! i think dita may go a bit far but there is something so glam about wearing heels, a pencil skirt and red lips. she is so put together yet so down to earth.

  • http://twitter.com/SaraT1011 Sarita

    I really liked this one! I can't presume to know what her bank account looks like, but I like that she didn't only talk about the most expensive beauty item; she still scours drugstores for inexpensive brands.

  • jax

    i love this post for the most part but that last paragraph got to be a bit absurd:

    "In my book, I’ll have all kinds of things in it that you just don’t do around guys—like how I do my hair if a guy’s watching, how to make the process glamorous, so it doesn’t look crazy. I won’t go around with the hot rollers and all the clips in front of a guy that I’m dating, so, I know how to curl my hair with a curling iron, and use duckbill clips so it looks nice when I’m doing it."

    sometimes, we as women are crazy, as are most of our beauty routines. why would one waste our time trying to be vain about an already vain process...?

    • Crossedlegs

      it's not vanity, it's wanting to maintain some mystery. how can you be mysterious if the fella (or lady) knows how you do your voodoo? and is it really so nerve wrecking for people to just not walk around in curlers? this has people really riled up.

  • Trishelle

    Love that you did an interview with Dita!

  • jenn

    I LOVED this interview! She is truly one of a kind! I can relate to her on so many levels! I lived in Las Vegas for 4 years....sea of blonde hair and big boobs. I would always get "You look just like "inserst any dark haired celeb name here". While sometimes flattering people can rarely just let you be you! She inspires me daily through my own work as a makeup artist. She is so intelligent, thoughtful, and beautiful. Thank you for a lovely look into her life!


  • http://thatsaprettyhat.blogspot.com/ Kathleen Lisson

    Love her. Thanks for this interview.

  • Hellodolly

    Dita is really from another era. And her skin is unreal. I don't know what she does with it but it is the most amazing skin I have ever seen on a human. You only realize this when you see her up close. Dita, if you are reading this Skinceuticals sheer mineral uv defense spf 50 does the trick as a perfect sunscreen. It also has a nice white cast to it (and I mean that in a good way). Diva stuff!

  • http://twitter.com/Annik13 Ana

    This is 'The Top Shelf' interview I always dreamed of! I love Dita, I love her because she truly enjoys the whole process of "getting ready". I always relate to her points of view and she's just having fun, what's not to love?

  • http://profiles.google.com/fitchic29 monica noir

    *looks at today's topshelf*
    *squeals & hyperventalates*
    * picks up Emily and each of the top shelf crew for a big hug and spins*
    OMG you guys have no idea, this post with Dita has made my week!

  • Jharrend

    "I went to a famous rockabilly tattoo parlor down in Orange County, and I actually wanted to have him do it in a heart or a star, and the guy was like, ‘There’s no way I’m putting a heart or a star on your face.’ Thank God he said that. [Laughs] He said he would only do a dot, thankfully."

    I know someone who has a tiny heart on his face and he looks beautiful..
    don't be so judgy Dita, many people would say they find your earlier porn photos with Dildos ugly and gross..

    • Velahcipede

      was that really necessary? i think dita was clearly speaking to her personal preference in not having a heart tattooed on her face, and will definitely defend her right to pose with sex toys if she so wishes. grow up.

      • http://profiles.google.com/fitchic29 monica noir

        Well said Velahcipede, it's like some folks are just nitpicking. Don't hate on pretty girls and women just because. I can't wait until Zoey Deschanel has a top shelf *hint hint Emily* the hater aid will really pour.

        Back to Deta, I had no idea nipple hair was a common problem among women. It's something I have only heard one woman talk about. Maybe because female body hair is sort of like a political issue in the state

    • SE

      I don't think she was being "judgy," I just think she meant it in reference to her personal style and identity she created for herself a tattoo like that wouldn't make sense.

    • Summer

      I read that comment as her being thankful the tattoo artist didn't put a heart/star on her own face, and not as judging someone else's choice...

  • mickey519

    yes! Someone who talks about nipple hair! I get laser hair removal on mine, having fair skin and black hair is hard!

  • mlle p

    Love her and her supercool car! I completely agree about the makeovers - people have their own thing that they like and to totally change it is likely not going to stick. They just want a better version of what they're doing already.
    Personally, I always wondered why she changed her name - Heather Sweet would be a great burlesque name with it's naughty/nice sound!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beautyincrisis-Ili/100003263588933 Beautyincrisis Ili

    She's really amazing! When you say feminine, sexy and chic Dita is what you think of!
    I love to see her beauty favourites :-)


  • Sarah

    "I don’t care if they think I look prettier without the makeup and hair—it’s about what makes you feel good about yourself." Yes! It's comparable to a guy saying you they don't want you to wear red lips because they can't kiss you whenever they want. It's about what makes you feel beautiful.

    I agree with the others, I wish she had shared more about her skin care routine. But something tells me it really is all about the SPF.

  • http://tonightatnoon.com/ Christine

    I love Dita and her take on makeup and the discipline that it requires. As effortless as I like to look, sometimes I wanna be that put-together woman who knows what she's doing, without so much looking like a lifeless doll. She's near perfect, this woman! I'm eagerly waiting for her book.

  • http://profiles.google.com/fitchic29 monica noir

    Okay can someone tell me the name of the blue color she uses please . I 've been trying for years to have blue black hair but have found nothing that works. The Feria blue black does not work for me.
    I love that Dita uses drugstore and mid priced beauty brands. Sometimes beauty could be found on the cheep. She would be perfect for a MAC collaboration.

  • http://profiles.google.com/fitchic29 monica noir

    Ok last comment, I am such a fan girl. For those of you who like Dita's beauty and styling boy do I have a blog for you . Check out the "esmeandthelanewayblogspot.com" blog. I love love Esme's vintage style.

  • Summer

    Thank you sooo much for having Dita on here! She is fabulous in so many ways!

  • http://marantphiles.com/ the marant philes

    I really like what she said about doing what you believe is beautiful is how you'll feel best in your skin. Came at a good time for me... - Aliya :)

  • Tina1982

    This is so fun! No matter how much lipstick or foundation this girl wears, she is the real deal, true to herself, helpful and just beautiful. Can't wait for that book to come out! Dita rocks.

  • sam

    great post! she's so real - it's refreshing

  • http://www.facebook.com/izzzzzzzzyyyyy Izzy Cole

    I have always looked up to her. She is so true to herself & comes across as truly "real". Although it's not my personal style I really wish more of our culture accepted and practiced her form of self-respect, self-confidence and beauty.

  • kneelbeforetigers

    LOVE HER... I am totally going to support and buy her book. I love it when glamorous women keep it real, and let you know that it takes hard work to look that good. Thanks for being real, Dita!

  • Guest


  • Rebecca

    I love this....on so many levels. I love that she is always made-up but sounds so down to earth.

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I love love loved this!!! Dita is so flawless and though the look has certainly been done many times before, I never feel like it's a look for her--it's just HER!

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    She's fantastic. I completely agree about hating to shell out for appointments for stuff you can do yourself well - I do my own hair too. If you have skin issues, a good derm is absolutely worth the money. That nipple hair comment is hilarious and true.

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Joyfuldiary

    Oh how I love her! I WILL BUY HER BOOK!

    xxx Lena


  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.o.thompson Sara O’Bryan Thompson

    I love how she's simultaneously mysterious and elusive yet totally "normal." Can't wait until the lingerie line is available in the states!

  • Andelesia_weddings

    <3 u Dita!Thanks for sharing :)

  • http://twitter.com/ashleynalvarez Ashley Alvarez

    I stopped reading Into The Gloss for a bit, but I am sooooo back. Loved this one!

  • Lynn

    Best Top Shelf ever!

  • Guest

    I liked her honesty but at the same time there's something very off to me about this whole way of thinking about the facade. I love the idea of routine, spending time on your appearance for yourself, but men shouldn't have anything to do with it. Even people who use way more products than her and a wide array of brands (a lot of MAC here) seem to be a bit less fixated with their appearance. I realise it's a job and her choice but it just seems so vapid

  • Sapphicscientist

    Great article and beauty tips. I thought her thoughts and opinions red lipstick and self beauty image were great. I'm a red lipstick wearing woman, and have been for over 15 years. Trends come and go, but if you love it, wear it!

  • Nyna


  • http://twitter.com/thegrtdanadane dana antoria tenant

    I kinda liked her before..but after this I am in love. I am buying the book and the LipInk :) Excellent post girl!

  • http://twitter.com/DeborahMoraisss Déborah

    Thissss is a long interview worth reading!!! I think she is so chic and she just seems like so clean u know? I cant imagine ditta at the gym or something, and it's like she doesn't sweat like us humans! lol loved the interview

  • Barbs

    Ohh she's so beautiful and funny and smart! She's adorable, and yet spicy..."bj proof", that's a terrific claim for a lipstick, ahahaha!!!!

  • Birdie Numnum

    Best itg in a long long time! Admitting to retin a and latisse? Scandalous. She is confident and beautiful.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VP4GE7EM7VNOVJUR5G3272FOGU Mimi

    Wow! that article was very entertaining! I'm sold! I will buy her book!

  • Amanda

    I love how elegant, honest, and grounded she is. She never strikes me as a diva.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004149726883 Nina Newsome

    Great Interview!!! She is an absolute fox, but every bit of a lady. She makes classy...SASSY


  • Beta

    Loved Dita von Teese, and love her even more after reading this interview! Just confirms what I thought: she is straight up amazing!!

  • Nau

    Does anyone know what exact color Dita uses from Lip-Ink. There are too many colors of red to choose from. I clicked the link posted it does point me to the exact color. Thanks in Advance!

  • Sean Paul Doughty

    You and Dolphina, both, make me smile, laugh, and remember. Thank you!

  • http://rokderm.com/ ROKderm

    Lovely photos! And I love the sound of her dermatologist!

  • Monica

    Lovely article, detailed description, Dita honestly I really admire you for the attention in aesthetic particulars.
    You are a real pure beauty.
    What kind of blue pigment you add to Garnier 100% color blue-black?

    An italian girl, who admires your elegance.

  • http://www.lelala.ch/ Lelala

    Wow, its really impressive how she manages it be that beautiful every day on a continuos base, really really impressive :-)
    http://www.lelala.ch | Lelala

  • http://deeandduke.com/ Daphne | Dee & Duke

    Dior's Roulette Red was the first red lipstick I've ever gotten! My mom had bought it for me, when I said I wanted to try to wear lipstick, just like she did, but this was WAY before I was even comfortable to wear it in public!
    And now, I know that it is burlesque-dancer-approved. My retro-loving heart is smiling.

  • http://laritusse.tumblr.com/ LARITÜSSE

    PERFECT Top Shelf post!! I can't wait until her book comes out!

  • Kharina Sterner

    This was certainly top shelf! A book that includes nipple hair removal? I want it now.

  • Dewyleaves

    She is quite an incredible woman

  • http://twitter.com/sartorialness Neslihan

    I really love her...She is cool&funny&smart and beautiful...

  • Liz Brannan

    I will so be buying her book when it comes out! Loved this!

  • Miss white

    Wow thank you I can't wait for you book ^^

  • JenniePinto92

    I have been looking into Latisse (http://latisse.bz) . I have heard pretty good things about it in general. You are beautiful Dita!

  • Janet Lee

    Elvis was a blonde too! :) And Eva Green.

  • http://glitterinjection.wordpress.com/ Stéphanie B.

    I absolutely loved reading this interview! I love Dita and hearing her talking about beauty and going deeper in telling what products exactly she uses, just is priceless. I am totally looking forward to get a copy of her book. She's such a great role model. xx

  • Brocka

    Made up person telling you how they are made up #snore

  • pixiedust8

    I think I love her. She seems so down-to-earth. I also hate beauty salons--so boring, and so much time and money. I wish I could have black hair and dye it successfully myself!


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