Chop-chop, yet again!


Emily keeps going for it!

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  • Camille Standen

    You are a brave, brave girl, the edginess you will accomplish with this hair is just unparalleled

  • Demetrius

    Even better! Show us the back and sides!

  • lynne

    You are inspiring. Always evolving and experimenting. Would love to see the back and side views. Please.

  • kate moss daily

    I love it! Was this another homemade haircut, or is this the work of a professional?

  • Alana

    I think I like the last cut...but your cheek bones and jaw are so great you can pull off any hairstyle

  • Nomadic D.

    Aaahh!!! So cool! Congratulations! Looks really gorgeous on you. Makes me wanna go a wee bit shorter myself now too...

  • Vanessa Lucy

    ah I think it looks great, really suits your face shape!


  • Denise

    Fabulous! Very Anja Rubik...

  • Francesca

    Love it!

  • Jo

    LOVE IT! I've been thinking about doing something similar myself, so this is great inspiration! :)

  • VotreAmie

    Dude, each chop has gotten more and more amazing - I love, love, LOVE this look. It's incredible with your face. Was this an at home, self-made chop or did you leave it to a profesh?

  • Jenn Blakes

    Oh my goodness. Just when I'm starting to make progress with growing out my own hair, you chop yours and it gets me itching to chop it all off all over again! This look is so bad ass.

  • Sohlinthecity

    I love it! I have a short cut too and this makes me not want to grow it out like I was thinking!

  • Sara

    I love your new haircut. I think it suits you very well.

  • Edith Zimmerman

    Love it.

  • Suzanne

    So great!!!

  • Fairytalesandcoffee

    Looks great! I enjoyed my chop a few years ago...basically had a boy cut with a bit of longer fringe in the front - growing out period is a BIATCH. Looks like you have a good length that won't be as problematic to grow out. Considering how long it took me to grow out waiting for the back to catch up to hair is now the longest it has ever been.

  • Aya

    You totally pull this off and look fabulous.

  • Natacha Saint Rilus

    Gorgeous and edgy! Love it!

  • Katie

    LOVE when you feature things about yourself Emily!

  • Sleepless

    Emily you look great, very hard to pull that haircut off, but you have such a beautiful face!!!
    I was hoping somebody had asked you already: who is your coat by? It's gorgeous.

  • Axelrod192

    Emily: You look ab/fab


  • amm

    so good. so, so good.