Brad Marley!


Twelve years after directing him in Snatch, Guy Ritchie talks to Brad Pitt for the November issue of Interview magazine—to predictably awesome results. The best part? The accompanying Steven Klein editorial, featuring a few of Brad's "many faces and facets." We think Bob Marley Brad [1] takes the cake, though we do have a certain fondness for that beaded Versace jacket [2] and the white Tom Ford robe look [3], and, of course, the liberal use of guyliner. Brad, you still got it.

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  • Aisha Naomi-Work


  • Valeria Alvarez

    He looks amazing!! as always :P

    <3 Val

  • Yanksgirl613

    do not like this look on him but he is an amazing actor thats for sure! gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Sarahdee

    He's such a hottie

    xoxo Sarah

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities


  • Jillian

    He's a boss! Enough said! Love the glitter jacket with the gun and I also love the sleek Humphrey Bogart look with the white coat!
    ~ Jillian

  • Eat.Style.Play

    #2 he looks yummy, he threw me for a loop with the bob marley style.

  • Haute Talk

    These. Are. So. Good.

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    He is definitely a Chameleon!

  • Creezy

    Hmm I actually think he looks bad in all the pics. He does not seem to be aging well. It makes me sad, kinda.


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