A Moment For Deodorant


There are a handful of things in this world that we at ITG know to be infallibly, inescapably true.

1) It is rarely a good idea to talk politics with strangers, especially in a social setting.

2) If you wear Wellies and bring an umbrella to work, it will most likely be sunny when you leave.

3) The armpit is not easy to make look attractive, and further, there is no perfect deodorant.

And even if you’ve found one you love chances are, at some point in the future, it’s going to inexplicably stop working like it used to and leave you wandering the aisles of your nearest drugstore again, a bevy of oddly-named options in front of you: “Fiji,” “Powder Fresh,” “Classic,” “Swagger,” etc. (Not to mention “clinical” vs. “regular” strength vs. “prescription” vs. “organic,” or “all-natural”… How much strength do you need, in your armpits? We don’t know your armpits; tell us about them, if you’d like. We’re here to help.) This is an issue close to our hearts—we are a largely pleasant-smelling crew and we would like to stay that way. While we don’t pretend to have all the answers here at the Gloffice, we are nothing if not curious.

So, over lunch in late September, we organized a round-table discussion on the topic of deodorant. It all began with Emily’s request: “Can we talk about deodorants for a second, please?” Yes, E, we certainly can! 

Alessandra Codinha: I don’t like deodorant that smells like anything. I don’t like ‘baby-powder-fresh,’ that cucumber-melon, mall-disaster whatever… I used to like wearing the classic Old Spice

Nick Axelrod: You used to wear men’s deodorant?

Alessandra: Yes! I used to really like it!

Nick: But, isn’t it…formulated for a man?

Alessandra: No, that's bogus.

Nick: But what about deodorant that’s 'strong enough for a man, but made for a woman?'

Alessandra: That’s Secret. And it's all marketing.

Elizabeth Brockway [Assistant]I used to be a scentless, powder-fresh girl, but I went over to my friend's apartment recently and he had this new deodorant that he said smelled great, and it was Old Spice Cyprus, and he forced me to smell it—which was weird because I knew his armpit had been on it, and I'd prefer that not to be close to my face—but I smelled it, and it smelled amazing, so I went to Duane Reade on my way home and got my own.

Emily: Michael, do you wear women’s deodorant?

Michael Harper [Digital Director]: No, I use Old Spice antiperspirant most days of the week. I upgraded from plain Old Spice deodorant, which I've used since high school... I still use the deodorant over the antiperspirant on days where sweating through a shirt isn't a concern. It's a classic scent!... A long time ago I used Ban, which has a roller-ball applicator—but I think those can be uneven.

Elizabeth: I use La Roche-Posay’s deodorant sometimes, and that's a roll on that works really well—it doesn't have aluminum and it's supposed to work for 24 hours. It's pretty wet, so the whole uneven-application thing isn't a problem.

[At this point, a friend, Jesse Israel, spots us and walks up to our table. Emily introduces him to the crew, and inquires about his current deodorant situation.]

Jesse: I’m strictly Swagger scent from Old Spice. It’s the only one I fuck with. But I’ve been having an issue with my right armpit. It’s just not responding to deodorant. It’s very...active.

Emily: Is it getting sour? That smell of deodorant that’s been sitting for too long and it just stops working?

Michael: You mean like when toothpaste stops being tingly?

Emily: Yes! I’ve been wearing Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant, which is the weirdest choice because it has a coordinating fragrance and body wash. Lady deodorants can smell a little bit like feminine-hygiene products, but it works so well.

Alessandra: If you have skin problems or are allergic to deodorants, you get relegated to the organic options, like Tom’s, which really doesn’t work. It’s the equivalent of walking around with lemons under your arms.

Nick: That Tom’s stuff does not work at all. It smells like lemon and then slowly B.O.

Michael: At some point, someone gave me, like, a crystal-salt thing that you need to wet.

Emily: I’ve tried that. I think it used to work, as a hippie-organic product that you wet and rub on your armpits. People say the natural Weleda one works well, too.

Nick: Here’s the thing: I read once in Details magazine—

Alessandra: So it must be true?

Nick: So it must be true—that antiperspirants are what cause yellow stains on your clothes. I think it’s the aluminum in them?

Alessandra: Aluminum, allegedly—and this is debatable, ‘cause now a lot of people are saying this isn’t true—causes Alzheimer’s.

Nick: Or breast cancer... Take-home message: it's just really bad for you.

Michael: I have misgivings about using products with aluminum, even though I wear that antiperspirant. I just think that, even if it's not carcinogenic, I can't imagine it's a positive...

Emily: You know what my mom tried to put on me when I was 13? That prescription deodorant, Drysol that stings like a motherfucker. My mom sat me on the couch once and put it on me, and it burned so badly. I told her, ‘I’m never doing that again!’

Nick: People put that on their hands! There’s a deodorant I found a couple years ago... it's called Arm & Hammer Essentials. It’s a clear stick, solid, and it doesn’t have a scent. No aluminum, no parabens. It works perfectly for me and it doesn’t stain anything and I never smell! Except for this one time on an airplane…

Emily: Was I with you?

Nick: No, but I told you about that story, right? Look, you can say many things about me, but one of them would never be that I smell. But once I was on a flight, I had just said goodbye to my ex-boyfriend in Berlin, and I sat down in my seat next to this couple, and I was all the way on the inside of the row, and they started whispering to each other and to the flight attendant, and then they switched seats.  I thought, ‘This is so weird’—we hadn’t even taken off yet!—and the man whispers to me, 'There’s a really strong, sour body odor coming from you. Can you please go into the bathroom and wash under your arms?'

[Everyone laughs, horrified.]

Nick: He told me that his wife was really sensitive to smell and that I was making her sick… It was like an out-of-body experience.

Michael: Well, was it you? [Laughs]

Nick: Of course not! I don’t smell! I had just come from being with my boyfriend, I was wearing cologne, so much deodorant, and I’m like the cleanest person in that sense.

Emily: Well, what did you do?

Nick: What do you do in that situation? What else can you do? I got up, I went to the bathroom and I washed under my arms! [Laughs] And I stared at myself long and hard in the airplane-lavatory mirror, thinking: ‘For the next eight hours, I’m going to have to sit next to these people who think I have horrible, sickening B.O.' Also you have to realize that this couple had told the flight attendant about my perceived odor problem. So, now the entire flight crew thought I had B.O.. I was in such shock that this was happening, I called my parents and my boyfriend from the plane phone. I asked my boyfriend if I had smelled when I hugged him goodbye or any time, and he said I hadn’t at all. And then I called my parents and told them what had happened.

Emily: Weren’t the people sitting right next to you?

Nick: Well, eventually the woman got in a fight with a senior citizen who was right behind her. The couple was trying to get upgraded to first class, I think, so for an hour or so they were getting up and down, trying to get the crew to move them because of various complaints. It was the most insane experience in my life. You know when you’re a teenager and you’re so insecure about body odor? I used to use the most intense, radioactive sealant thing I could get.

Alessandra: I used to use Mitchum, and with that you don’t sweat for three days. Their whole campaign was that you didn’t need to reapply it.

Nick: And when you wear it, your shirt would turn blue... It's like, if you feel light headed from wearing it, just sit down, take some breaths...

Emily: It’s really strong; you just won’t sweat… [To Alessandra and Michael] Did either of you ever have a terrible story where you had bad B.O.?

Nick: Let the record show that I didn’t have bad B.O.! That was two crazy people next to me thinking that I had bad B.O..

Alessandra: Can you imagine asking someone to go wash under their arms?

Nick: We hadn’t even taken off the ground. This was an eight-hour flight!

Michael: 'Your scent is making my wife physically sick.' [Laughs]

Alessandra: The thing about personal odors that’s weird—besides everything—is that it’s so offensive when they’re bad, and people can’t really smell themselves and they don’t even know. There was this girl in my dorm at boarding school who never wore deodorant and she was really proud of it. And she smelled terrible, but she was so proud of being unaffected by social norms.

Michael: It’s like the Dunning-Kruger thing, where you’re so dumb that you don’t know you’re dumb.

Nick: Have you ever been to a party where someone with bad B.O. basically clears the party?

Alessandra: That’s the worst. Or when you get in a taxi and it smells, and you feel like you’re sitting in this stranger’s smell, and it’s coming from this person, from what they’ve digested, and you’re forced to just marinate in it. It’s so violating.

Nick: [Laughs] There are just some people who just smell bad and it’s not their deodorant, or lack thereof.

Alessandra: But there’s also this theory that if someone’s your ideal mate, or that your genes mesh well together, you perceive their body smells as attractive and you won’t mind it.

Nick: There was also that study that no one knows who they’re in love with anymore because we all wear fragrances that mask our natural scent.

Emily: So, am I going to die because I get Botox in my armpits?

Nick: I think it’s one of those things where, unless it’s a severe case, it’s best to avoid anything that stops you from perspiring. It’s got to come out somewhere, sometime.

Alessandra: I’ve been wearing antiperspirant my whole adolescent life and it hasn’t affected me in any bad way. It doesn’t stain my clothes. I’m not sweating egregiously anywhere else.

Nick: I just hate the white chunks in the armpit.

Alessandra: Well, you have armpit hair and we don’t. I’ve been using this Kiehl’s ‘Superbly Efficient’ antiperspirant cream and I like it, but it’s weird, because you have to wait and let it dry, and I’m just standing there nude with this cream in my armpits, but then when it’s dry, it just works.

Nick: Is it like a moisturizer? You scoop out this cream and apply it under your arms?

Alessandra: No, it’s in a tube! It’s a tube with a round hole. It’s kind of phallic when I say it like that. It’s triangular, kind of. Conical.

Nick: Like an upside down snow cone? [Laughs] Like a lip balm? I don’t like that. What about when you put your clothes on and you’re in a rush?

Alessandra: I don’t really like that either, but it works and it doesn’t smell like anything. It’s the best thing I’ve found.

There you have it: different strokes (of product, on your ‘pits) for different folks. Michael is sticking with Old Spice; Nick, Arm & Hammer Essentials; Alessandra, Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient creamElizabeth, her Old Spice Cyprus; and Emily, Donna KaranOur takeaway? A little perspiration does the body good, it’s always best to be aware of those around you (unless they are aggressively looking to upgrade their plane seats), and ‘natural' may not always be best when it comes to preventing odor... Though clearly, we’re open to suggestions. 

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  • Sissel
  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I use Pitrok solid - I just use it after I shower/bathe while my skin is still damp. I've used everything under the sun, and I swear normal formulations just make the problem (if you were prone to smell/intense sweat) worse - I've been a crystal convert for a few years now (although pitrok is the only one I've used - never felt the need to try any other). Those brands like Tom's, Kiss My Face, Weleda - only really good if you didn't have much of a problem to begin with - if you're sweatier or stinkier than the average person, they'll wear off in the first hour - and not to mention the sticks based on coconut oil never really seem to dry, so you feel sort of sticky to begin with. I've never liked roll-ons for the same reason - they never seemed to dry on me.

  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    This is hilarious. And so true that the deodorant you've loved for years will suddenly stop working. Could someone with a science background please explain to us why that is? I'm actually super paranoid about odor, as a dancer I sweat a lot and want to make sure it's as un-stinky as possible. I use regular Dove during the day, but at night I put on Certain Dri, it's kind of agressive, but I swear by the stuff. Oh, and yeah, it could possibly be toxic. But you won't smell at all.


  • Jenna

    This was riveting. Riveting!!!

  • Marta E

    Love old ads... <3
    I love Lancaster one (I think it's sold worldwide, the other one I use is spanish...)

    (Could you help me please? Just "like" HERE It's for a scholarship, thanks!! :) )



  • Fairytalesandcoffee

    b.o. is very important. However, I HATE the word armpits/pits...underarm so much better. And I don't know if it is the anti-perspirant or sweat, or the laser hair removal thing I did recently, but what about underarm shadows. That could be a topic to iinvestigate. What is up with all those underarm ads where the skin looks spotless and the same color as the rest of the body. Photoshop, pre-puberty models? I'm this close to applying face treatment to my underarm! This close.

    • Gaufrette

      Don't sweat it. Bad puns aside, I refuse to add underarm shadows to my list of problems. Where will it end?

      • Fairytalesandcoffee

        Sadly, it won't as technology keeps improving....who would have thought of "brazilians" 20 years ago? I have my limits, but Im quite serious about under arm shadow. :)

        • AIS

          The darkening of skin is attributed to constant shaving. Maybe as the winter months come you won't need to shave as often. Try waxing as it eliminates the need to constantly upkeep that area and the root grows back finer and doesn't look as dark.

          • Lila

            She said she had laser hair removal, which usually means you don't shave anymore.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roberta-Barros/100000578033756 Roberta Barros

            i prefer darken skin under my warms because the constant shaving than because of the amount of hair. hahahahahah

    • Katie

      wow someone else calls it underarm! I get made fun of for calling it that. We must be secret best friends lol

    • joannanyc

      Sometimes dark shadows in the underarm area are due to insulin resistance. Usually it goes with darkening of the knees and elbows and, um, crotch, as well. Underarms on their own, I don't know.

  • Jen7jack

    And here I thought I was the only one having these thoughts . . .

  • Gaufrette

    Donna Karan Cashmere mist ALL THE WAY.
    I don't even particularly enjoy the scent, but the deodorant simply works, end of. A cult product for a good reason.

  • Laura

    So bottom line: Is there anything you can use as an anti-perspirant that doesn't have aluminum in it, and that works really well? I sweat so, so much (thanks, Dad!), and I've been told that aluminum is the only thing that can prevent that. (Besides Botox I guess, which I can't/won't do).

  • A.K.

    By far the best deodorant/antiperspirant is Soapwalla... an organic cream that.... (get ready to fall off your chair)... works! Weird but true. And the founder is a cool chick from Brooklyn.... hooray!

    • NeenaJ

      I've just read about this brand and I think I'm going to try it. Am pretty much over aluminum. If one thing is scarier than having bad B.O., it's Alzheimer's.

      • A.K.

        I've been using this for almost 2 years now & won't go back. The first few weeks were a bit... funky. But I think it was my body adjusting itself after 20+ years of using traditional antiperspirants. After 2 weeks, I was fresh as a daisy. Honestly, I think I sweat a lot less now than I did before Soapwalla.

        Its good stuff.

    • Roseysee

      Agreed--Soapwalla works and is good for you!

      • Laura

        Agreed, I use soapwala too and it's awesome! I jus wish it'd come in a stick rather than pot. I also like mi essence which is a roll on.

    • Al

      I used Soapwalla for a while but it doesn't really work. It wears off 1-2 hours after applying it. Also, if you apply it after shaving it will hurt like nothing else. (Seriously, I thought my underarms were burning off!!)

      • S. Lang

        Agreed! Neither does it work for me. :( I am good 1 to 2 hours, and then I have to apply it again. This is, of course, annoying since I have some other things to do than applying a deodorant 6 times per day. :) Besides, I developed a weird rash in my armpits (my skin is not sensitive). Weird deodorant. :( By the way, I really loved Nick's story. :)

  • Nina R.

    OMG - Nick - what a story - I can't stop laughing! Those people were obviously nuts - thank you for sharing! Ok, anyway, back to deodorant. It is important to make the distinction between deodorant, which still lets the body sweat but masks the odor, and anti-perspirant, which actually prevents you from sweating. There is a lot of information out there that the aluminum salts andor parabens in anti-persprirants can cause problems, but in my experience the problem was simply a dermatitis-typre allergy. I switched to aluminum-free deodorants years ago, with varying levels of success. My favorites are Darphin and La Roche Posey solid stick. Both rather difficult to obtain here in the U.S. Love this post!!!

  • Olivekellyblogger

    Old Spice is great for women! Brut works as well but all of the Old Spice scents are great (except for Game Day...)

  • http://www.commonromance.com/ Couteau

    You can't smell. That seems to be the consensus. Hence antiperspirants. The Parisian approach is to manage, not eliminate BO. If anything because it's sexy. Similarly, pearly white teeth are considered unattractive - past 17 they tend to look like dentures, which is unnecessarily ageing. The point is to smell nice, not sterile.

    That said, good to have an antiperspirant at hand for the long-hauls...

  • http://www.radartothescene.com nobody girl

    Dermadoctor makes a great one. Albeit, $30 but it's great!

  • 4jsc

    Emily, I've been meaning to thank you for turning me on to the Donna Karan deo for some time. It's been awesome since your original post. Fingers crossed that it continues. I do get a little nervous, but not sweaty, that it will stop working any time now. At which point, I'll have to go back to the wetness of Clarins or the stickiness of Kiehl's. Nothing compares....

  • Kelly

    I use and love Speick. It has a strong herbal scent and is the only thing that both works and doesn't irritate my pits.

  • Ana

    Nick's story is really hilarious. And quite more if you think about the meaning of the first part of his last name in German. Because Axel means nothing less then arm-pit (ok, you would write it "Achsel" in German but the pronunciation is the same) ;)

    • ITGNick

      No way! Really? I never knew my name meant armpit in German.

      • Ana

        Haha, to reassure you, Axel is just a persons name. But in this context it was quite funny as the pronunciation of the two words (Axel and Achsel) is the same. By just hearing it you could not tell the difference without knowing the context.

  • Jennysg

    Since Emily raved about the Donna Karan Cashmere deodorant, about a year or so ago, I have never used anything else and I will never use anything else. It works, it does not have an overpowering smell and it feels luxurious. Sure the price is very high at $18 especially when you can buy Dove for $2.99 but its SO worth it.

  • http://twitter.com/JosephSlaich Josef Šlaich

    I love my Old Spice Original deo. It just works so well for me and I love the iconic fragrance. I tried La-Roche Posay roll-on but for some reason it didn't work well so I quickly changed to Old Spice again. Also tried Sanoflore (organic) roll on and I loved the smell but after few hours I had to to re-apply.

  • Rlsu

    As a latinamerican living in France, I can say that people don't care less about BO than here... I go to school with very fashionable girls that wear a lot of make up etc. and some I then just smell SO BAD. And is not a once a year thing, more like everyday or at least twice a week. And is like they don't notice or they just don't care... And that applies for French people in general...

  • Sandra

    I have tried so many deos, and the best two are: Secret (the original!), and Vichy. I have been using Vichy for sensitive skin for a while, and it is fantastic!

    • Ona_in_Barcelona

      Ugh, Vichy made me smell like I was at Burning Man - only in one armpit, though???


    We insist that our fellas wear Old Spice and Brut!


  • AsphodelJones

    I'm also a huge fan of the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant. I buy the minis as gifts and make converts of my friends. :)

  • Chelsa Caruso

    I like Lavanilla deodorant. It's free of all the bad stuff and it works for the most part. It's kind of pricey, but I don't mind paying.

  • Cate

    This post made me so happy. Thanks ITG!

  • Ami B.

    I TECHNICALLY stopped using deodorant a few years ago and started using a deodorant crystal instead. A friend had done it and I was sick of getting big yellow stains on all my white clothes. Tom's makes one, but I've used a few different kinds. You just wet it and roll it on. At first I'd ask my boyfriend all the time if I smelled, but so far the consensus has been no, so ... I'm gonna stick with it.

  • Kitchen Afternoon

    lavender oil mixed with witch hazel in a toner spritzer.

  • ash

    kiss my face lavender roll-on is my choice. It works perfectly as a deodorant, and doesn't interfere with my body's ability to sweat!

  • Beautyidealist

    Please! More like this! I laughed so hard at Nick's airplane story. This is wonderful!


  • Milla12

    Very contorting to read this and see how americans are so BO oriented! I've moved to Europe where people don't care for their BO at all and it's quite overwhelming to ride on public transportation on the daily basis with people that stink like a skunk! God bless America!

    • European

      Don't make generalizations. We don't like bad BO in Europe.

  • valerie.cc

    I started making my own deodorant a year or so ago. It's equal parts corn starch (or, substitute: arrowroot), baking soda, and coconut oil. It requires some serious mixing and mashing but eventually takes on a sort of confection-like consistency which ranges from frosting-out-of-the-fridge hard in the winter to mascarpone soft in the summertime. The corn starch is a thickener, the baking soda a deodorant, and the coconut oil is good for the skin with bonus antibacterial properties. Sometimes I add essential oils if I'm in the mood, like a drop of lavender or pine wild scotch or bergamot. It definitely requires a bit of extra patience, like Alessandra's cream, but once it sets you're golden. I bike / trek everywhere in the city (& it's SF so we're talking HILLS) and have never received negative feedback from even the most candid friends, lovers, silk blouses, or brutally honest family members. Plus, it's pretty lovely sitting out, my little glass jar of whipped white cleanliness.

    Just another option :)

    • kloveSF

      would love to see a photo of your jar sitting out. obsessed.

  • NonsenseSensibility

    The New Tom's Naturally Dry Antiperspirant actually works!!! I steered away from Tom's because it definitely didn't work - but with this new product .. I'm back on board. http://www.tomsofmaine.com/products/deodorant/product-details/new-naturally-dry-antiperspirant-stick

    • Nina R.

      Just so you know, the main ingredient in this new Tom's is aluminum chlorohydrate, so it's not any healthier than any other anti-perspirant out there. That's the problem with antiperspirants as opposed to deodorants...sigh...

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=754038707 Tim Rush

    Donna Karan, for boys and girls. That's all.

  • unvanquished

    I love the Donna Karen Cashmere Mist as well but recently mine broke on a trip and I had to run into a drugstore and just buy a generic one and I grabbed Lady Speed Stick Stain Guard antiperspirant in daringly fresh and it works really well and has a completely offending scent. It lasts ages and it really does not stain my clothes at all.

  • adrea25

    TMI.. this discussion needs serious editing

  • Astor818

    Nick's story made me cry I laughed so hard. B.O. Is unavoidable if you are athletic and do sports regardless of your antiperspirant? You don't just sweat under your arms? That is where perfume or scented oil saves the day. Spray or rub on clothing prior to exercise or wild dance party. For every da I like degree, whichever scent smells the least like fruit, the "ocean" or perfume.

  • Elsie

    I swear by Lavanila deodorant (vanilla & lavender scent). It works wonders, the scent is *very* subtle, and it doesn't contain aluminum or triclosan. Worth every penny not to worry about damage to my clothing (or health)!

  • pansy

    herban cowboy is an all natural deodorant that works and smells really good ("dusk" is the best smell)! you can get it at whole foods.

  • danielle

    wow this thread made me laugh so hard. love all the stories and conversation on deodorants... i personally don't use any unless i'm in a hurry with no time to shower then i put on whatever my boyfriend uses. i think it may be old spice? i don't smell bad but i sweat like a mothafucka and hardly anything can stop it so i just go with it and really don't care. now i kind of want to try the arm and hammer essentials though!

  • http://howdjuwearit.com/ Tee

    Lancome Bocage and as Sissel suggested, Clarin's Roll On. Really just the best out there

  • http://www.ma-recreation.com/ Lili Barbery-Coulon

    love love love this post. Funny that you Americans speak of B.O when us, French, talk of sweat smell. L'odeur du corps is not something negative in French. A question of culture I guess. Nick, your plane story is a nightmare, though I wish I was brave enough to sometimes tell my neighbours that they stink and that it is making me physically sick... I tried a few aluminium free organic stuff this summer. They smelled worse that if I hadn't worn anything. Totally agree with the Kiehl's cream stuff, it's perfect, but it's a pain when you're in a hurry (destroyed three vintage Chloé shirts because of it). And, did you know that the amount of anti-perspirant ingredients are higher in the US and in England than in France and southern European countries.... I guess we're doomed to stick to our old reputation of dirty people...

    • S. Lang

      Now, after the fiasco with Soapwalla's deodorant, I have to try out this Kiehl's antiperspirant.

  • Brooke

    My fave (and I am a lady,) is Dove for Men in Clean Comfort. I have been a men's deodorant-wearer for years, as the sickeningly sweet feminine scents smell like sour freesia after 4 hours. Clean Comfort is light, fresh smelling, and lasts. "Strong enough for a man," ...and doesn't smell like your grandma.

  • Jessica Lai

    I've had Botox injections every summer from highschool through college years and worn Thai alum crystal deo, then switched to Odaban (once every 2 weeks) and DK Cashmere Mist Deo/Anti-Per

  • MsAnge

    I go aluminum free all the way. Tried quite few of them. The only one that works to keep any odor away: Kiss My Face Liquid Rock. Love the Lavender one, it stays on me as a no scent deodorant throughout the day.

    Just found it again and stocked up!

  • Lotte

    I've been using the Advanced deodorant from MenScience for a while and i've found its the first natural deodorant (i've tried Weleda and Lavera and several crystal-salt-thingeys and they never did anything for me) without aluminium, alcohol (or parabens for that matter) that actually works! I won't say it'll keep you dry in every situation (say 2 hour workout or important job interview), but a on normal work day it keeps me dry and odor-less. Although after reading the comments i'm also keen on trying Soapwalla...

  • Kate

    I read Diane Kruger not Dunning-Kruger!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thelittlebluebird Whitney Vesterfelt

    Coconut Oil works the best. It doesn't have a strong scent and moisturizes a it prevents sweating.

    • S. Lang

      Just coconut oil? Really? I have never tried it in my armpits. Good idea since I have some Spectrum coconut oil in my kitchen. Thanks!

  • Nicky

    I always go for an aluminum free one! Now using the Tom's rollerball, no scent. It works pretty good, but then again I don't have crazy BO worries. I really love the smell of Old Spice ones, but unless they start making a aluminum free one, I'll skip..not worth the risk.

  • http://www.fabulush.net/ Kimmy

    Love DK Cashmere Mist, but does it seem to go sour on others after a few hours? I feel like I'm constantly wiping and reapplying.

    I also use Certain Dri from time to time. Lately, I've been hooked on this pot of Arrid Extra Dry cream deodorant/antiperspirant.

    I hate all the super fruity and floral choices out there that end up making me blush profusely when I lift my arms and a huge waft of fragrance comes floating out.

  • jenn

    i absolutely adore this blog and look forward to reading. i can't thank you enough for this post. i just started off my day with so many belly laughs i could barely keep my coffee from spewing from my nostrils. your office and office mates sounds like a great group. thanks again for making my day!



  • Judit

    i also think that there is certainly an underlying cultural difference Europe vs US when it comes to BO or sweating. I think in general people here in Europe tend to bend towards less invasive and drastic products and solutions (same with teeth whitening, daily hair washes, Clarisonic) and this might be one of the reasons why Americans perceive us less clean and more smelly than themselves. And I think, for the same reason, products like 'clinical strength' anti-perspirants would not be sold in big quantities over the counter here. It actually freaks me out and hard to understand that a lots of other people, who actually are not really in need of them, would buy and use these products filled with potentially harmful ingredients, just to zero out a healthy and important body function. I live in the Netherlands, and I work in an airconditioned office all year round - first I was surprised to see all these high-profile men around me, giving presentations, and well yes, they did lift their arms up and they did have some marks on their baby-blue shirts, and it was clearly stress-related and not because it was that warm. I also notice myself sweating a little in situations like that. But I think it is only human.
    But there is something that hasn't been mentioned yet: your sweat is largely determined by the food and drinks you consume. So if you eat healthy and drink plenty of water, you won't have a BO, you won't stink even if you sweat because of the heat or stress - there might be some clear water marks, but if you shave your armpits and you wear fresh clothes every day, there will be no noticeable smell to the outside world.

    • Guest

      So true. I'm twenty, Australian and grew up in an area one could only describe as 'chilled o.c.' and it doesn't really bother me that we sweat, and if it brings a smell - so be it. Sweating rids the body of toxins, that's why it happens! Good indication you love someone when you become attracted to their actual smell, when they're cologne or perfume free. Here it's a little different again, people kind of get into the whole natural thing and there are a lot of lesser known brands that do amazing, mostly natural deodorants, like Thursday Plantation which you can find at any Priceline for any other Australians

  • Gingeroo

    After I bathe I rub a little coconut oil on my pits. Then I pat on (with a powder puff) a half and half mixture of baking soda and cornstarch. When I mix up the powder every few months, I sometimes add a few drops of essential oil. It's not necessary though. I've been using this homemade deodorant for 2 years now, and it works better than any commercial product I have ever used in 40 years. It doesn't leave white marks, stain clothing, compete with my fragrance, or give me breast cancer or Alzheimer's Disease. It's easy to carry a little of the powder in a tiny container with a cotton ball in case you want to be able to touch up on a long day.

  • Jodes

    I really like the Kiehl's deodorant. At first I found it sticky, but then I realized I wasn't putting enough on. I also like the Clarins one, although I agree that it's quite wet. The best tip my mum gave me is to use an antibacterial soap bar to wash under your arms. I use gentle liquid soap on the rest of my body, but the hardcore pharmacy-grade antibac soap under my arms. It makes SUCH a difference, especially in a humid sub-tropical environment in Australia.

  • mary e

    haha! I use that natural crystal deoderant. My mom would use it in the Philippines and I found a couple versions in the States at healthy stores. I'm trying to stay away from parabens and aluminum. I tried the Tom's thing and not only did it not work well, but I hard a weird skin reaction to it. Yikes!

  • Ooo___ooo

    Does anyone else just not wear deodorant/antiperspirant? I just never started, so now at 25 I still don't. Not to say that I haven't, I just can't get used to having stuff in my armpits. I don't smell bad, on the contrary most people comment on how good I smell, while wearing fragrance or not. Even as a bigger guy, it's just never been an issue. Has anyone ever considered the amount of money that goes into (and subsequently is reaped from) making people paranoid that they smell bad when it's probably not even that much of an issue? Reading this just kind of made me roll my eyes.

  • CheekChic

    This is an important topic! Sweating and body odour can have such an effect on one's confidence and unfortunately, the more you worry about it, the more you sweat! I spent years and years unable to buy clothes of certain fabrics/colours due to excessive sweating (big visible wet patches around my underarms). I tried so many different deodorants until a couple of years ago, when Dove Clinical Protection was released in Australia. I've never had a problem since. I dont like aluminium anymore than the next person but I need results so I'm sticking with it.
    Given there was quite a bit of mention of Old Spice, I purchased some today to give it a whil for the times when I don't need the security of clinical protection - looking forward to trying it, it was one of the few that I hadn't tried! Thanks ITG xx

  • Pim

    Tom's deodorants can just go in my trashcan. I prefer DK all the way, been using it for 3 years already!

  • Trishelle

    I Love this discussion because its REAL and honest. I too like Donna Karan deodorant, but other than that i've switched around and around and nothing really is my holy grail for my pits. Unfortunatly.


  • Ingrid

    Very good piece. Your blog is excellent! My favorites deodorants are: roll ons by Clarins or Bioderma. Although Clarins probably is the better one.

  • http://twitter.com/spanglishmajor Samantha

    Those crystals that you wet--Potassium Alum. They work like a charm-- and this is someone who sweats easily and is beyond paranoid about bad BO

  • deb

    great dialogue! I use purelygreat it is a cream deodorant it works really well and it doesn't stain your clothes. my favorite is the citrus!

  • Yolanda

    Given all the risks of aluminum, I never touch anti-perspirant or deodorants that use aluminum. Been a hardcore Lavilin customer for 20 years and have never thought of switching!

  • Dena

    The best deodorant is Lavilin! I've tried so many over the years, and none of them out there come close to Lavilin. I work out a lot, and sweat a ton, and Lavilin keeps the odor away. It's not an anti-perspirant though, so if you sweat, you'll have to get used to it. Recommended!!!!

  • Ali

    My favorite is Lavilin. I'd rather be safe and avoid those nasty chemicals in anti-perspirants. Lavilin is the perfect choice.