Three-Way Eyeliner

Clarins 3-Dot Liner

I think we’ve made it pretty clear that around ITG HQ we have a certain fondness for a statement eye. Windows to the soul, and all that. But how many times can you strike a thick swath of liner across your lid à la Bardot without getting a little antsy to try something new? (I mean, we’d bet Brigitte herself probably wanted to try something different from time to time.) Clarins' new 3-Dot Liner is kind of the answer to our prayers: a three-pronged black eyeliner pen, intended to be applied at the base of the eyelashes to thicken your lashline without looking like you're wearing any eyeliner at all. BUT, because maybe we don't take direction that well, we were similarly impressed by how it simultaneously draws three perfectly parallel lines wherever you want them.

Not only is the result not boring, but if you keep the pen flat and twist it up at the end of your lash line, it can lend the appearance of freakishly long and plentiful eyelashes. No Latisse, no weird-feeling extensions. Can you say, “Fake it ‘till you make it?”

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  • Michele Crenshaw

    Cheers to being a "Cosmetic Rebel"!


  • Nomadic D.

    I love this idea! I've been meaning to check that eyeliner out for the lashline thickening possibilities, but now I want to try it even more!

  • Andrea

    looks beautiful!

  • lola

    That is brilliant!

  • ClosetCravings

    I've been using Too Faced 3-Way Lash Liner, and I really love it.
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  • katemossdaily

    I think I've done this by accident before! I always go back and try to fix it, which results in a thick, Amy Winehouse glob, but maybe next time I'll just leave it be :)

  • Jessica Lovelace

    aMAZE! Thats all ;)

  • ROKderm

    Wow seems super cool! I find liners a little difficult, but love what they do to my eyes when applied properly, mostly seen on others rather than myself.. Would love to try this though!

  • jhaley

    Your lashes are to die for...

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Wow, what a cool little invention!

    My jewelry blog:

  • 4jsc

    Wow, great look! Plus, someone finally made a tightlining tool.

  • gigi

    this liner is getting so much press lately! it's so cool...can't wait to try for myself. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Oooh, this looks stunning! I actually like this effect much more than the original purpose of this liner. Looks dramatic and unique, but still sophisticated. Love it.


  • Carolyn Cres


  • VotreAmie
  • Liliane

    Looks edgy!