She Bangs


After Colette sold out of her capsule collection of cropped knits, schoolboy blazers, lace blouses, and button front skirts for the French brand Faith Connexion (don’t worry, it’s still on Net-a-Porter), Annabelle Dexter-Jones felt like changing her look. She'd already cut bangs several months ago, and this time, as we found out on Friday, she had a more extreme look in mind: Sixties-inspired microbangs. Everyone’s going short these days, amirite? 

“I got the bangs a week ago. I felt like I needed to cut my hair, so I went and saw my friend Ashley Javier and I just kind of let him do what he wanted to do. I didn’t know what I wanted or what was going to happen. He just kept cutting and we got there gradually... it just kind of came to be. It took some time: we did it late at night, and we were talking a lot. When I first got any kind of bangs, it took an hour; this time it took almost four hours because of the cut, the Brazilian keratin treatment, the color... also because I didn’t know what I wanted. You go to him and you just sit and talk about your hair and where you’re at and what your current life experience is, and he just figures it out. It's a very old-school, beauty parlor experience.

Last time he gave me a set of bangs to play with to see if I liked them before he cut them, but not this time. There’s like an Audrey Hepburn vibe to them now, especially if you put your hair up and do the whole ‘updo’ thing. It’s very '60s—Ashley said that, too. He gave me a little lesson after it was done; he wants you to be able to do it yourself without having to see him. If you put them forward they’re kind of jagged—you’re meant to sweep them to the side. They’ve already grown out a lot in the past few days, that’s the thing! Maybe I’ll keep cutting them myself.

He told me if I didn’t like the keratin straightening treatment I could just wash it out with soap, otherwise there’s a special shampoo to maintain it. He also darkened my hair. He said I was very much all one color—he was like, ‘You’re blonde, your eyebrows are blonde, your eyes are kind of blonde, and so is your skin.’ So, we darkened my hair and eyebrows and now you can see my eyes. I like it dark—I always used to just say, ‘Blonder! Blonder!’ Also, it’s weird having perfectly straight hair now; it just dries completely straight. When I was younger, that was all I wanted—at 13, I just wanted to have straight, straight blond hair, like my sister.”

—as told to ITG

Annabelle Dexter-Jones [Update: Her lipstick is Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in #190 Ultra] photographed by Emily Weiss at ITG HQ on September 14th, 2012

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  • Nomadic D.

    Pardon me gushing but, oh my god she is so cute! And that hair! I absolutely love it. Pinning right now.

  • Guest

    What is the special shampoo to maintain it?

    • Anne

      It's probably any sulphate-free shampoo. I have a keratin treatment and that's what my stylist told me to use so that the hair wouldn't revert back to it's curly state too fast.

      • 124

        Can you use the Chaz Dean stuff after a keratin treatment?

  • Bec

    Looks SO GOOD!

  • Isabeldelanghe
  • Lindsay Sue

    Love her hair and lip color! What is it?

  • Crystallography

    she is just adorable. that hair cut is perfect for her. love it. totally completes her cute little attitude, x

  • VotreAmie

    I ADORE her micro bangs. They suit her face perfectly - And I absolutely love the way she arrived at the decision!

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    Very interesting bangs! I kind of want shorter bangs now.

  • Rose

    Those bangs look great! I would love to have bangs like that... but my hair is so super wavy (especially when it's shorter) that I'd fear I'd have just a bunch of little curls around my forehead. It is an adorable look though!

  • ITGNick

    Just updated the post! Check it out at the bottom.

    • Lindsay Sue

      Thanks, boo.

  • figandthewasp

    Love not only her bangs but her whole look!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Gosh wow...I couldn't think of a person more suited to wearing micro-bangs. It's not for everyone but she OWNS this look!

  • whatcutandwhere

    OH MY GOD, I think I am in love and I must go to this salon. It's within walking distance to my apartment!

  • mimi

    i remember annabelle from teen vogue from like 9 years ago! she's still gorgeous and can really rock this look.
    if i had this haircut though, i would look like the 4 year old me, the time i decided to cut my own fringe. my mother tells me it was not a good look for me haha.

  • mlle p

    Her old look was cute but this is even better. The color is really pretty.

  • 124

    Its really cute and fun! I would love to see a "before" picture.