Rodarte Spring 2013


Jessica Stam (IMG): This is my first show of the season, and I’m the first model out—look number one. It's this amazing dress—look: it's a brain print! I watched the Tommy Hilfiger show, but this is my first show that I’m walking in and opening, and I’m walking in Marchesa tomorrow. It was by design that I’m doing only these shows…there’s always a design to it.  [Laughs] I love the Rodarte sisters and I love what they do. You know, we have history together—I’ve been doing their shows since 2007; we actually figured that out together yesterday.

My hair has been black for several months now. I have to dye it every two-and-a-half weeks. I go to Christopher at Garren; I’ve seen them since I was 16 years old. I’ve gone to a few different people, but I always end up going back to him. I went dark for Katie Grand, for the Prada Schiaparelli show at the Met. Katie could tell me to pour bleach on myself and I would do it. [Laughs] I’ve actually bleached my eyebrows like a hundred times, to the point where they don’t even grow anymore. I’ve shaved my head. Once, when I was seventeen, Guido gave me this insane hair cut, where the sides of my head were shaved, I had bangs starting at the back of my head—it was bleach-blond—and it was razor thin in the back. It was a really unique haircut, and I was still in high school then. It was Guido’s version of a mullet. I ended up getting two covers of Italian Vogue with it, so it was totally worth it.  Although when I was at school, I put on a hat. [Laughs] It was totally worth it, though. I mean, I’ve done some crazy hairstyles, but this was one that was worth it.

James Kaliardos (Nars): We’re doing a modern, medieval, warrior face.  We’re using so much skincare—we’re using cream, and then a new Optimal Brightening Concentrate Serum that we’re putting on the upper cheekbone. We’re not putting any makeup over it, so you’re really going to see it because it has a little bit of reflection. We’re also using the Radiant creamy concealers [released Spring 2013], which are great. We’re just trying to use that without any foundation. If a girl needs a little foundation, we’re putting it on, but we’re mainly using the concealer—in the center of the face and around the nose, and under the eye, and blending really well. And then we’re taking Triple-X Lip Gloss and glossing the entire lid and eyebrow, to keep the look smooth and free of any hard lines.

Odile Gilbert (Kérastase): Even though it’s modern, it’s very medieval. It’s short, shaved, small, and clean. And with the earring, from Rodarte, on all the girls. So we’re doing very, very straight hair—very flat, very sleek. Everything tight to the head from the back. On the side we’re pulling this part to have a short piece on the side; the idea is to have the effect of a light shave on the side. We’re using Double Fibre Architecte to help seal the split ends and it’s activated by heat so we’re using that with the flat iron. It’s inspired by modernity; it’s very graphic, it’s very clean.  It’s really like if you have a short piece on one side and it’s shaved on the other side. The shaving is super modern and you don’t have to commit to the shave. It’s super elegant, not dirty. For me, I’m not thinking about ‘trends.’ I’m designing hair for the feeling of each house, and each house has its story.  I’m not thinking trend, I’m thinking big. I learned that in New York. [Laughs] One trend is not enough for me, you need to think big.

—as told to ITG

Jessica Stam photographed by Emily Weiss at Center 548 in New York on September 11th, 2012.

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  • katemossdaily

    Stam's eyes are so incredible! I love her with black hair too, it reminds me of her early modelling days when she had that Louise Brooks hairstyle. Rodarte is always so innovative. I love the ear piece.

  • Tinacious Me

    gorgeous ear piece!

  • Andrea

    i love this look on her! she is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    This looks absolutely amazing. Love Rodarte. Love Jessica Stam even more. Almost didn't recognize her w/o her blonde hair.

  • bellechantelle

    Oh Stam, I've been following her since 2006. I can't help but fall in love with my Canadian models. Stam, Marks, Werbowy, and Coco Rocha.. I just ADORE them! Also, will Rodarte be selling those amazing earrings? I hope the answer is OUI OUI OUI!

  • Messamet serdane

    Looooooove the accessory ! I would love seeing the brain print in real, maybe I'll die !

  • Dianna

    Can't say that I love the hair and makeup, though it's different and unique - on the first picture Stam particularly looks ghostly. But I love her, she has such a romantic and pensive image to her... And I admire how brave she is with her hair!

  • Gaufrette

    Ahh...this looks slightly Lisbeth Salanderesque and not particularly innovative imo...looks good though.

  • Tickle my Fancy

    Wow - she looks rad. I'm loving the bare faces that poped up all over fashion week.

  • mlle p

    Love the Stam!!! The ear piece is very cool, too.

  • Meblowe

    she's so hot!


    Those are some intense eyes, child. The kind we use to seduce the fellas.

  • Jane S.

    Jessica is gorgeous, but I find the severe dark hair washes her out a bit. (Or she could just be tired at the end of NYFW!)

  • Clarisse

    So nice!

  • Sunny stand in that light with near bare skin - sexy!!

  • Anna

    Everything Stam does style wise seems to suit her - even this shaved hair look! She's just so beautiful! Loving your blog btw, Emily! So inspirational! xx Anna

  • Bisbee

    I love the ear piece too. But...I don't like this look for her. I hate the hair - style and color - and she looks (sorry) like death warmed over.

    I can't believe the other comments!

    • murt

      Unfortunately I have to agree, but I love Jessica though! Looking forward to seeing what she'll do with her hair next.

  • Lucyvicjackson

    Amazing snaps!
    Love Lucy x

  • Micheline

    beautiful !!!!!


    Love Rodarte and Jessica Stam is gorg! But, did you see the nails for the Rodarte Spring 2013 NYFW show? I die! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!