Put a Ring In It


We’ve established that we're fans of a well-placed piercing.

Jason Wu nailed the look on Friday with his 18k gold ear cuffs, custom designed for the show. “The designer’s name is Caroline Ventura [of BRVTVS].” Kate Young told us backstage, “She used to be a model. For Jason Wu I wanted all the girls to have ear cuffs, so I asked Caroline if she could do it. She actually called Colby Smith to ask how— she’d never done ear cuffs before. They’re real gold, kind of fancy,” Kate added, as she fixed up Karlie Kloss with a few [2]. “Put them on your ears and squeeze them closed,” she said. A brilliant answer to those keen to go hardcore without the needles— Leandra, take note! For those who want a more permanent solution? Colby’s open for business. You know where to find him.

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  • http://www.EatStylePlay.com/ Eat.Style.Play

    Those are sooo cute! my ears are so weird! haha, but I just want to own a ton of ear cuffs!

  • http://theaceofheartsa.blogspot.com/ Alice

    I've had my ears pierced since I was young but the idea of getting another piercing has always scared me a teeny bit.
    Pain and I don't go well.
    That and needles... Ick.
    But I love the look of little ear cuffs! they add such a nice touch to outfits and look so cool peeking out from under your hair.
    I'm definitely taking note of this! :)

    The Ace of Hearts

  • Kjohn439

    I want one!! Is there anywhere I can buy one?

  • JanelleAndrea

    Stunning! I love small ear cuffs, and have been lusting over Repossi's larger ones as well

  • GIAA

    love them, edgy but still quite elegant

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1033981551 Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    gorgeous! i will indulge and try it out too

  • thegreatdanadane

    very sweet and classy looking! I am more interested in the hair do :)

  • Yulia Yakushova

    Please mention Caroline's website where her jewelry is sold http://www.brvtvs.com/products

  • http://crystallographyblog.blogspot.com.au/ Crystallography

    love those ear cuffs- amazing, x

  • http://starlightsworld.blogspot.de/ Andrea

    this looks lovely :) i got some similar earrings :)

  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Love these! So much more delicate than the ear cuffs I have left over from the early 90s, but I'm going to have to bust those out just the same. Love that ear cuffs are coming back.


  • http://woodstockwardrobe.com/ Dana

    Where are these sold? Genius idea!

  • Jennifer Monforton

    I really love this look. Tough, yet feminine. I always wanted a piercing like this back in high school and never went for it, so, for nostalgia's sake, it's nice to see the trend coming back again :)



  • http://rokderm.com/ ROKderm

    Very innocent yet rough! I like it!

  • http://twitter.com/rachellynnec Rachel LC

    I adore BRVTVS. Have a few of her pieces and they're the perfect mix of delicate & edgy. Ear cuffs are on my wish list!

  • http://reddysteadygo.tumblr.com/ Sindhu R.

    ahh, my best friend from college made her own too. they were perfect when she wanted a little more edge. I totally want to get more piercings everytime I visit this blog!

  • piercingsupplies.com.au

    Those ear cuffs are looking very adorable on her. Exactly what material is it made of?