Postcard: Caroline de Maigret’s Summer Holiday


le 3 Septembre 2012

Dear ITG,

My god, I loved my holidays! Real ones, with no phone ringing, no computer. Completely carefree: my hair, salted by the sea, flying in the wind. My skin gently kissed by the sun [pic. 1- vintage cowboy hat, 291 Venice top] in St. Barths. It was all about fun and simple things with beautiful people around.

Hum. I'm back in Paris now and somehow my hair has turned into an undetermined color [2- BLK DNM jacket] with knots as big as my fist. The knots are ok because I'd have to cut it anyway as it became dry as straw. I did buy this great Furterer After Sun Shampoo that I love, but of course I had forgotten to pack it.

Oh, I've also carried around a red nose the whole time, although I did put on SPF 50 by La Roche-Posay all day. Okay, I might have forgotten once, that first morning, when we went cruising in the convertible car we rented in New Orleans, but damn [3- Old Navy dress]!

So this morning, I went straight to my colorist, Stephane Pous, who's famous in Paris for all his L'Oréal commercials. He's really rock'n'roll with a punk hairdo and his salon is hidden in a courtyard, like only Paris knows how to do [4]. When I came in, Lou Doillon was coming out. It is THE place for Parisian girls. Oh, by the way, Lou's album, "Places," is coming out this week in Europe, and it's beautiful. Coming soon to America, check out her single [below].

So, anyway, after the color, he put a mask on my hair, a mix of Huile de Palme and Creme aux Fleurs by Leonor Greyl. Amazing. My hair looks brand-new, soft and smooth, ready for Fashion Week. I then went to the spa down by my house, l'Institut des Abbesses, where I had a facial and a body scrub [5- American Apparel sweatshirt].

Hey, it's all good now. Let's be carefree again!


Caroline de Maigret is a Paris-based music producer and model.


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  • Florasbox

    <3 ! More if this gladly welcome!
    Big High Up from Vienna. Summery Greets Marie-Thérèse

  • Joyce.

    Oh gosh! This makes me want to go back to my holiday from 2 weeks ago!

    With Love,


  • katemossdaily

    This makes me want to take a vacation immediately! It's been way too long.

  • Citaesme

    the song is heartbreaking