Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil

Nude ProGenius Serum

We all like some affirmation now and again, so when the new, futuristically packaged Nude Skincare collection arrived at the Gloffice—replete with a lilac-colored tote bag emblazoned with the phrase ‘You are more beautiful NUDE'—well, we were interested. (P.S. Hey, thanks!)

Nude was created by Ali Hewson (a.k.a Mrs. Bono and founder of Edun) and Bryan Meehan and aims to feed the skin with nutrients, namely probiotics and Omega oils 3, 6, 7, and 9, largely found in the Radiant Day Moisturizer and ProGenius Treatment Oil.

You hear a lot about Omega acids these days (at least we have), and mostly just Omega-3s. People will sometimes refer to tuna or salmon as a “brain food" (though maybe that mostly happened on Bill Nye the Science Guy or The Magic Schoolbus), and they were referring to the Omega-3 fatty acids that you can find in the incredibly unappetizing-sounding combination of fish oils and oily fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, and sardines). Omega 3s create neural networks, help increase the body’s metabolic rate, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-6 acids, meanwhile, are found in nuts, flax, and avocados, and if you eat too much of them it’s really bad for you, actually. And nobody talks about Omega 9s really, because they’re the most abundant fatty acid in nature and we make a lot of them ourselves. We don’t know a damn thing about Omega 7s other than that they’re called “the heartier Omega,” because they help maintain cholesterol levels. Hearty—great! But we’re not talking about putting these inside your body, but rather, ON TOP of it.

Nude's aforementioned ProGenius Treatment Oil ($78) features all the Omegas in question, and says it will not only “bring to light the natural radiance of young, healthy skin” but that it will REDUCE WRINKLES BY 36% in one hour. ONE. HOUR. It's hard to find anyone who will develop your film in an hour. We took the bait, and started patting it on with special attention to smile lines, forehead creases, and basically everywhere we could think of. Bad news: our (admittedly subtle) wrinkles did not appear less prominent after 60 minutes. Good news? Hydration, post-ProGenius application was off the proverbial chain. Our skin felt plump, fresh, glowing, and sated, somehow. Like we'd actually watered it, or soaked it in goopy miracles. To invoke (and totally decontextualize) the immortal lyrics of U2's “Like A Song", this oil is “Too right to be wrong."

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  • charlotte bentley

    I want!
    Nude was just bought by LVMH, so I forsee them being EVERYWHERE.

    • Jenna

      Maybe wait until LVMH reformulates so as to spare yourself the inevitable disappointment.

      • Wfrech99

        They did reformulate. I finally got around to buying a tryout package of three products at Sephora, only to read very negative reviews on Sephora site. Apparently they reformulated several of their "star" products. I'm going to return the products; they are not well-forumulated and rather boring.

  • ROKderm

    Oooh, sounds nice! How does it compare to Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate??

  • freudianslippers

    I've heard excellent things about Nude's cleansing oil, I reaaaally want to try it!

  • Holly

    How does it compare to Rodin Olio Lusso, ITG team?

    • Guest

      Probably a lot better. Olio is waay overhyped, look at the ingredients. It's done well to be stable with minimal additions other than oils, but that's about it

  • Beautyidealist

    I love their bottle and button-push droppers, reminds me of some of the more expensive serums on the market. But the ingredients list isn't all that great for an oil. There are some cleaner ones with better nutrient profile sold on sites like Spirit Beauty Lounge and Nubonau. My current favorite oils right now Aesop Fabulous Facial Oil (high omegas, clear fluid, great moisture boost, used by Emily - I think), Kahina Argan Oil (blends great, very high quality argan), May Lindstrom Youth Dew (beautiful golden liquid that is VERY hydrating, perfect for winter), and YULI Skin Fuel (made just for younger skin, very balancing and light).

  • Beatriz

    Hmm... I'm suspicious. I have used their serum to no visible results. I was unaware at the time that the brand was celebrity-owned, but knowledge further empowers my initial distrust. Consider, for example, the exorbitant amounts of cash one spends on The Row's line of handbags (sue me: i cant live without their jackets!) The catchy name, sexy-sounding slogans... This to me sounds like an attempt of NUDE to jump on the extremely lucrative bandwagon of face oils. Hey, a mere $78 sounds like nothing compared to the $150 we payed in the past for comparable products. In today's economy, however, we ought to raise our reasoning to a higher level.0

  • DMH

    impressive bookshelf!