We're pretty used to adventurous nail art by now, but Robin Moses’ mani really got us going. She calls the look 'Nailception' on her website, and it's certainly kind of mind-bending when you think about it (nails-on-nails!). Why just get a manicure, when you can get a manicure OF a manicure?  Right...?

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  • Sleepless


  • Helen

    Very special nail art!! Love it.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Ha! What a cute idea. So meta ;)


  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Lovely nails!!

  • Alice

    Ooooh I like it!

    Clever and creative.
    That plus I can never resist any sort of reference to Inception! :)
    Now if only I was deft enough to do this to myself...maybe it's time to have a girls' night in with my friends to try this out.


  • Sofia – WinterStays

    Haha this is great! very fun and unique.

  • Sindhu R.

    this blows my mind.