There's been much talk about cats in fashion lately. Choupette, first of all, and then Kim Kardashian's furry friend (named for Kanye's song 'Mercy,' no less) and now in Thursday’s New York Times Style Section, there was a little snippet about the feline fashion influence (namely, the cat-face embroidered baseball caps Proenza Schouler gave out at their afterparty and Natalie Joos’ cat-ear beret from Eugenia Kim).

But what about the original Fashion Cats? Cats dressed like people, other animals, cartoon cats? (Sidenote: talk about meta!) What if you wanted to take it one oompa-loompa-like step further, and make your cat's fur candy-colored, à la Bethany BrillCynthia Mittweg, or Venice's pigeons?

New York-based groomers The Salty Paw (who did a bang-up job dyeing Isaac Mizrahi's poodles to match his clothes for his fall 2011 runway show) use non-toxic, semi-permanent dyes on puppy ears and tails in shades ranging from wicked red and tuxedo black to screaming pink and midnight blue. They've also dyed Bichon Frisés to look like pandas, which has already become an adorable, confusing (and probably problematic) trend in Asia with Chow Chows.

Pricing at the Salty Paw depends on the dog and dye job but starts at $25, if you're interested. As for coloring our imaginary ITG-owned feline? Salty Paw's manager told us: "Cats can be dyed [Ed. note: check out the below video!] but it is a lot tougher to do so. Cats, in general, are not accustomed to being groomed often, so a dye job would be tough—but it can be done!" (Going the professional way seems the only safe option, and if your pet isn't feeling it at any point, pre- or post-dyeing, stop!)

Maybe a nice blush shade in honor of the all the pink lips, eyes, and hair on the spring runways?

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the making of this post. We do not endorse dyeing anybody or any animal any color unless: you are a responsible adult, use safe, nontoxic dyes, and are willing to have your pet possibly hate you forever.

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  • Nomadic D.

    Omg. The chinese pet-dying photos killed me!

  • ClosetCravings

    Cats in costumes are always a good idea. So funny.
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  • Amber Kallor

    I think my cat needs a fur makeover for fall

  • Jennifer Monforton

    The trend of painting and dying pets is still a bit bizarre and unnecessary to me, but pictures of cats in ties and plaid berets? That I can always get behind :)


  • Kblacytyte

    That is disgusting. Poor animals. Someone should dress up ant paint their owners retarded faces take some pictures and spread them all over the internet. That would be waaaay funnier.

    • Sarahdee

      As offensive as you find the cats I find your usage of the word retarded even more disgusting. Please beware of your own language.

  • Chelsea
  • Sindhu R.

    Cute overload! I really think as long as you're safe about it dyeing your pets is fiiine. Those panda-puppy hybrids are way more than fine!