Mavi’s Hair-story

Mavi in British Vogue

Today's The Face, Naples-born creative director Mavi Staiano, has tried every hairstyle in the book, whether intentionally or not. We even discovered a 2009 British Vogue spread featuring Mavi, alongside Liberty Ross and Caroline Sieber, with a half-shaved head. Here, Mavi's brief hair-story (and outtake from her ITG interview):

"I had lovely, shiny hair before I moved to London. Sometimes, it was blond and other times dark, but always 'normal.' Then, I dyed my hair red like Lindsay Lohan in that Miu Miu ad. And then I had super long blond hair, then I shaved half of it off…. and I kept shaving it more and more to the point where I was never going to be able to grow it out— so I had to shave it all off, but I kept a long black ponytail [see above]. I had to tie it very tight, which started to really hurt my scalp after a while, so it had to go. I felt so weird being bald— although I actually looked OK—that I took to wearing Cosplay wigs everywhere... as if that was better! It literally took me two years to grow it out and it was sometimes awful, sometimes nice, mostly awful. Now, my goal is for it to be healthy."

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    I love this!

  • Mavi Lover

    I absolutely adore this woman!


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