Liberty Ross Walks For Alex Wang


...and Alex Wang, only. We spotted the vet backstage, 10 minutes before showtime. She was crouched over a glass bottle of soda. "I'm very nervous," she explained. "That's why I'm drinking Coke, to give me a buzz."

How'd she end up back at NYFW? "Alex asked me to do the show and I'm exclusive for him," said Ross, who lives in L.A. "If I'm going to do a show, it's going to be this one. I haven't done a New York show in years. I mean, I have two kids—I quit my job."

As to whether she was hesitant to accept Wang's invitation, Ross said: "I was on the fence. But then I was like, 'Come on, just do it. Go to New York and be brave!'"

Liberty rocks.

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  • katemossdaily

    She's so beautiful. And for Alex Wang? Who wouldn't!

  • kcarb1025

    GIRL, get back on your job!! She's beautiful.

  • yelena

    So good to see her up there again. Liberty is amazing in every way. Now if we could just get her to walk Balenciaga again ....

  • Crystallography

    amazing. i love the strong brow with the nude face. the skin looks flawless and cute dewy- adore it!

  • Martha

    good for her ! She's gorgeous !

  • Andrea

    she is fabulous!

  • Nomadic D.

    Man, she is gorgeous!

  • Maraleth Herrera

    Her face and bone structure is remarkable. She should start modeling again.

  • ROKderm

    How cool is she! and beautiful.

  • Dickieangenson

    Holy Crap, she needs to get right back to work. What a face!

  • Katie

    I don't know I'm in Kate Moss camp - you can never be too rich or too thin...

    And I rather like the slightly androgynous look. Never really was into the overtly girl vibes

    • Ona_in_Barcelona

      Ha! Well I do think there's a thing as 'too thin', though funnily enough I never thought Kate fell in that category...
      I dunno, I guess I just want to see more from an Alex Wang show than another round of gorgeous woman made to look like little skinny teenaged skaters. His design skills are going from strength to strength, but the styling seem stuck in one place. All IMVHO, of course.

  • Sindhu R.

    everything about this show was perfection down to this amazing detail of getting her back!

  • America Cavaliere

    Great choice!!
    AW rocks!

  • Ebsin

    She has an amazing bone structure but let's be real, she looks emaciated! She looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks and doesn't plan to. It's a terrible aesthetic for young models and women all over the world to aspire to! Please do not come back to modeling. We need some real life size women out there!