Karlie’s Kookies


Karlie's Kookies are not a Kardashian brand extension but rather a collaboration between model Karlie Kloss and a pastry chef by the name of Christina Tosi (of Momofuku Milk Bar, purveyor of cereal-milk ice cream and a nasty-good Crack Pie). Their oatmeal-chocolate-chip lovechild, the first Kookie called the "Perfect 10," debuted last night during Fashion's Night Out...

And I'm here to tell you that they're incredible. I just housed the melted sample that Kloss slipped Emily backstage at Jason Wu, and we're talking, like, the best gluten-free, dairy-free, agave-sweetened cookie I've ever had. (I did the gluten-free thing for over a year and have eaten my weight in this kind of stuff.) You wouldn't think a model would have it in her to make a tasty treat, and you, like me, would be wrong. It's a soft, chewy mix of mini chocolate chips and gluten-free oats, with slivers of roasted almonds, making for a nice crunch/chew pattern. But I'm not just bragging about eating an awesome cookie that no one else can get their paws on—it seems like Kloss is trying to spin this into a business. She told us that, along with shooting the new MTV "House of Style" with fellow IMG-er Joan Smalls, she's developing Kookies as a "pet project." (Some of the proceeds are going to FEED.) At the moment, she's on the hunt for willing retailers—the dream is Whole Foods. (Any readers have an in?) "I'm taking down the Keebler elves!" she promised. "I'm taking 'em down!" Elves, she's a lot taller than you, and her cookies are the bomb, so consider yourselves warned.

—Nick Axelrod

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  • amarie

    Dairy-free? Exciting!!

  • Allison

    Finally, a good gluten-free cookie! This makes me love Karlie even more. My waistline is going to hate her, though.

  • Amanda K

    An she share the recipe for ITG fans?!

  • Jennifer Monforton

    These look incredible! Nice to see that the profits are going to a good cause :)



  • VotreAmie

    AH! They sound divine. Who doesn't love oatmeal chocolate chip goodness???

  • Em [pushups with polish]

    OMFG ordering some now! great review!

  • http://theaceofheartsa.blogspot.com/ Alice

    Karlie Karlie Karlie!
    Oh how amazing can you be darling??
    You're so gorgeous and you seem so sweet and cute! :)
    Now cookies?
    Chocolate chip and oatmeal with no gluten or dairy?
    Oh my....

    Okay, it's official. I love that girl.
    I wish her the best of luck taking down the Keebler elves.
    So adorable :)
    You go girl <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  • Kelly

    Why don't they just sell them at Momofuku Milk Bars?? At least for a start. There's one near me in Brooklyn and they have virtually NOTHING gluten free. So I'm sure the ones in the city don't either.

  • question

    doesn't chocolate have dairy in it?

  • Thestyleengineer

    I would LOVE to try those! I a gluten free and it is so hard to find good gluten free goodies, and these sound amazing!

  • jojo

    Is that "gluten free" thing a new trend ? I suffer from gluten intolerance, and i would find this so dumb (and nearly offensive for people like me)

    • http://anothermagpie.tumblr.com/ Twentysomething Creative Type

      UM. No offense, but what's next--"I'm lactose intolerant and it pisses me off when other people don't feel like drinking milk?"
      Agree it's annoying how lots of legit choices and issues are treated by our reductionist consumer culture yada yada... but it also seems sort of unnecessary to take offense at this.

    • Kirsty

      All my family is gf too. I think it's great people are making more gluten free things. So we have more food choices when we go out. Unlike 5 years ago when we were forced to starve if we were out in town all day, and at home living off of cardboard bread. My mum is a big gf advocate, partly because if her friends become gf then it'll be easier for them to