Just Act, Naturally with Parker Posey


In case you didn’t know, the Emmys are on Sunday. Are you nominated? Are you pretending to be nominated? Regardless, you should be practicing your acceptance speech, or your gracious ‘loser nod.’ Why? Because, as Parker Posey tells us (as an acceptance-speech coach named JA,N, which stands for Just Act, Naturally) in the below promo, “The most important part of any actor's career is the Emmy Awards acceptance speech." (One of her tips to her students: “If you see someone in the audience, be like, 'Hey, Bryan Cranston, I loved doing theater with you at Steppenwolf...It doesn't matter— just say it, because it's the Emmys!")

Side note: Posey's character is giving us flashbacks to Summer Heights High’s genius acting teacher, Mr. G. Clips below:

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