Jason Wu Spring 2013


Diane Kendal (MAC): The inspiration is Helmut Newton—this really strong, sexy woman with a bold mouth—quite glamorous. So that’s why we’ve chosen to go with very strong eyebrows and a very strong mouth. First, we evened-out skin tone using taupe Sculpting Powder underneath the cheekbones, and in the contours of the eye. Since the models have just come back from holiday, we’re working with the girls' natural skin tones, no base, really. We used a gold shimmer, just dusted across the eyelid up the brows, and we’ve used a very thin black line and curled lashes and mascara on top. The eyebrows are kind of square going across, defining them, but not arching them. And then we're doing highlighter on top of the cheekbones and on top of the brow bone, really giving that sculpted feel to the whole look. There are two lip liners on the lips. First, we covered the whole mouth with Cherry red, and we used Vino on the outside. Then, on the inside, we used a pink lipstick with a lip tint on top, and then a neon powder on top of that. So, it’s a gradation with a very bright, pink center. The idea is that it will look very luminous on the runway—it’s not completely matte, but it has a moisturized effect.

Odile Gilbert (Kérastase): I saw the Helmut Newton exhibit in Paris, and I worked with him! I'm old enough! [Laughs] He made an incredible picture, because it’s edgy, but it’s always super chic. It's disturbing, but so elegant. For Jason's show, it’s about elegance, sophistication, but it's not vulgar. We have three different things in the hairstyle: we have a long parting; and in the back we have a braid that is done very close to the scalp, as opposed to a French braid. And we stuck the end of the braid inside, to create a chignon. The other side is like the masculine side—there is just one wave. We wanted the hair to be shiny, so we’re using a new Elixir product, the Elixir Ultime Rose Millénaire, and we’re finishing with Controle Ultime hair spray.  With the collection, it’s chic elegance, because Jason’s always into chic elegance, so we are doing that—and there is always a touch of romantic, but not too much.

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  • Ekaterina

    In the 4th photo, what exactly are the using to create those side waves..? I've been wanting to try finger waves with the waves going down one side of the face, but I can't seem to find the right duck clips :(

    Any suggestions anyone?

    • http://twitter.com/Blog_Trends Blog Trends™

      When I got my finger wave done for my wedding I believe she used "finger waving clips" with finger waving gel. Most stylists wouldn't even attempt it for me, apparently it isn't that easy to do lol

    • http://saltandbleach.com/ Virginia

      They seem to carry some in target! The trick is to use gel that can hold the wave and yes, I've found it very difficult to do as well! the colored pieces of paper are to minimize the crease that the pin can leave on the hair when the gel dries. You can also use pieces of napkins for that. If you find an easy way to do this please share!!!


  • mlle p

    Love Odile - always beautiful hair from her, and her book, Her Style, is fabulous.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1033981551 Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Beauty at its peak

  • f s

    i like it when the hair and make up team go all out and do something so glamorous. it's quite fresh among all the nude or bare but with a strong lip look that many of the shows go for.

    • http://reddysteadygo.tumblr.com/ Sindhu R.

      Just what I was going to say. Minimalist make up and undone hair is definitely cool but I also love to see something so defined and styled every now and then too!

  • taco

    What highlighter is Kendal using?

    • AIS

      Yes, which highlighter was used? It's gorgeous. do tell!

  • Jennifer Monforton

    What a stunning makeup look. I'm really loving a deep, ombre lip for fall!



  • http://rokderm.com/ ROKderm

    Amazing skin! Have you seen any airbrushing be done during fashion week so far? I heard thats a special trick that's often used on the runway to get flawless skin that looks like skin and not makeup?