James Pecis’ Wonder Un-Drug


James Pecis, the up-and-coming Cali-born, London-based, heavily inked hairstylist, has been hitting the show circuit—hard. He checked in with us along the way, and what's more curious than the fact that he's racked up an impressive $4,000 tab in excess baggage (think wigs, extensions, and blow-driers rather than clothes) is that his team swore by an amazing un-drug to get them through the recent Milan collections. Berocca, an orange-flavored Emergen-C-like effervescent vitamin/mineral supplement that does wonders for curing a hangover (or, pro tip, preventing them when consumed pre-bed after a crazy night), sponsored several of Pecis' shows, and, as he tells us, "kept the team healthy and peeing neon all week long." Fluoro urine aside (hey, it's better than asparagus pee), Pecis also made his mark by "leaving my 'Higher the Hair, the Closer to Jesus' stickers along our trail..."

That's all well and good, James, but when are you going to come over and braid our hair?

Photos courtesy of James Pecis

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  • ROKderm

    Amazing, will have to pick those up next time I'm in London!

  • isabelle chabot

    Berocca is great ! Me and my boyfriend use it when jet lagged and in the winter
    But don't take one before bed no matter how hammered you got, it is jull of vitamin C and will keep you from sleeping

  • http://katemossdaily.blogspot.in/ kate moss daily

    I've heard of Berocca but we don't get it in Canada. I could use some of that with the weather changing.