Elegant Bedhead at Wes Gordon


I loved Wes Gordon’s spring presentation, and not just because he’s a beloved friend (and roommate of several years). For spring, Wes paired his exceptionally luxurious—spring-weight cashmere, hand-pieced lace, and Swarovski- and feather-embroidered—looks with a smudged rose lip and some notably un-fussy hair. It seems he's taken note of my habit of never using a brush, ever (not even when the invite says "black-tie")... but he's made rocking bedhead look seriously chic.

—Alessandra Codinha

(First photo courtesy of camera-wielding wunderkind Jenna Elizabeth)

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  • charlotte bentley

    Totally obsessed with this collection and the styling! I loved all the sateen bellbottoms, and especially the all red look with the low top and red pants...I wish I could wear it. I'm not really a red girl. But maybe come spring...with some undone hair, glowy skin (NOT oily, as it is now), and of course, look-a-like pieces.

  • http://reddysteadygo.tumblr.com/ Sindhu R.

    That hair and makeup really made this show killer--added some complexity you know?

  • VotreAmie

    Adore bed head. Why oh why does it look so much better on others?!

  • http://www.style-abuse.blogspot.com/ Marcia

    Isn't it ironic how the only time a bed-head looks good is when you spend time and a million products in it? Irony aside, the red carpet-worthy assembles create a really strong contrast against the messy hair.

  • Maria

    Do you know what they used on the models' lips?

  • Dianna

    one word - mind-blowing. So beautiful... the clothes, the hair, the makeup...tdf