Dressed Up, Undressed


Sometimes, despite all the convenient and otherwise nifty trappings of modernity, all we really want is to return to a more glamorous time—of satin slips and French lace and hourglass silhouettes. And sometimes, you just really want some different-looking lingerie. Either way, if you're craving some pin-up worthy underpinnings, you’re in luck.

As of 4pm tomorrow [*Update: RIGHT NOW!], 1stdibs.com and painfully well-curated vintage dealer Resurrection will be selling a collection of 60 archival pieces by lingerie-designer-to-the-stars Juel Park, who outfitted...everyone: Kim Novak [1], Elizabeth Taylor [2], Jeanne Crain [3], Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, etc etc.

So, here's your chance to grab the same undergarments (they're original samples, not actual hand-me-downs) as your favorite silver-screen sirens...And we know you've been waiting. Because, really, nothing says "special occasion" like a negligee from 1962...

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  • http://katemossdaily.blogspot.in/ katemossdaily

    Wow, what an incredible opportunity! I love the classical hollywood era, so this is right up my alley.


  • Jennifer Monforton

    Gosh, I love intricate, beautiful lingerie, and these vintage examples are quite beautiful. Sophisticated, elegant, and sexy! The ladies who get to score these pieces will be quite lucky :)



  • http://twitter.com/YayaGagaFashion Messamet serdane

    Nice picture ! All of those women are a source of inspiration !


  • elise

    Imagine 50 years from now, what will women find in vintage shops? sweatpants with PINK on the back. Ugh.