Birds of a Feather at Thakoon


“It’s architectural and romantic,” Odile Gilbert said of the hair she had done for Thakoon's avian-inspired spring 2013 collection. The models' hair had been slicked back, laying nearly flat on the scalp, then curled with a three-pronged iron into finger-waves cascading from the back of the crown, and secured at the ends in a loose ponytail. The effect was that of a very elegant mullet, where the length of the hair all moved as one, like a row of feathers or a wing. “Thakoon’s inspiration was this idea of a garden—birds in a cage and butterflies and flowers—so we decided to go for quite a strict look, really slick, super shiny, and with all these black bobby pins as the ‘cage,’ with the length of the hair softly curled, and falling loosely out of it. We wanted something romantic but modern, but that didn’t look too modern,” she added.

We spotted Ondria Hardin, nearly finished with hair and makeup and looking quite gamine, hanging by the racks. The dark eyebrows that makeup artist Diane Kendal had drawn made her appear exceedingly 1920s, or perhaps more Mia Farrow in 1974's The Great Gatsby. (“There were Twenties-era images on Thakoon’s mood board,” Kendal confirmed.) As Ondria perched and we snapped away, we took note of Thakoon’s opening look, on a hanger nearby. It was a strapless dress with a neckline that arched up towards the clavicle, printed to look like a tall, gilded cage full of butterflies and birds.

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  • Sindhu R.

    It is amazing to see how that image of the garden was translated so literally into this hair and makeup and how it was still so creative. It's great!

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Wonderful hair looks!!!