Bethany Brill, Hairstylist


During fashion weeks, all eyes are on the star makeup artists, hairdressers, models, and designers, but sometimes it's the assistants who stand out—to me, at least. Bethany Brill aka B. Brill is a backstage fixture as the right-hand woman to Odile Gilbert (you can spot her busy at work in some of our photos from Rodarte, Thakoon, Jason Wu, Theyskens' Theory, etc.), and her hair seems to hit on all of the tress trends we’ve spotted in September mags and on spring runways: short, grunge, relaxed, colorful. As for the length and style, that Louise Brooks/Natalie Portman in The Professional/Leeloo in The Fifth Element (Luc Besson, you trendsetter!) is so 'right now' we can hardly stand it. Don’t believe us? Check out the Liz Collins shoot for Love (styled by Katie Grand), or the most recent Chanel campaign. And in real-world evidence: remember Esmé's DIY Manic Panic job? Brill takes a similar approach. Oh, kids these days. —E.W.

My name is Bethany Brill, but I go by B. Brill. I’ve been Odile’s assistant for a little over a year—this is my third season with her. I’ve been doing hair for eight years, since I was a kid. I’m self-taught, so I just started doing it when I was really young.

I achieved the color by mixing Manic Panic, the Flamingo Pink color, with conditioner, so I get, like, a wash of color. It comes out every three or four washes, so I try not to wash my hair very much. You have to bleach it first; it has to be white to get good color. But I leave it a touch yellow so it goes peach-ish, not too 'cotton candy.'

It’s so funny, even though you see this cut and color everywhere, I’ve had this for a year already! [Laughs] It’s been black, it’s been purple, it’s been lavender. I’ve had it every color, but I finally settled on pink. It’s crazy that it's a trend now. I feel a little bit like I’m copying, but I know I came up with it [Laughs], so I don’t care.

My barrette is from Japan—my parents used to live there—and my mom got it for me from Japan.

—as told to ITG

Bethany Brill photographed by Emily Weiss backstage at Jason Wu on September 7th, 2012.  

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  • charlotte bentley

    wow she rocks it! love how the hair is the statement and she kept her makeup clean.

  • VotreAmie

    Frigging adorable! The pink is perfect with her skin!


    We had a friend in HS with that same pink color. Her name was Kim and she was really pale and used vintage lunch boxes and her book bag.

  • Kitchen Afternoon

    Great bone structure, my eyes travel to her lovely complexion, and the preter pan collar.

  • Prkrst

    Oh my gosh she has the BEST SKIN ever! I would love to know what products/regime she uses in a Top Shelf post.

  • Kathy Mindish

    As a professional--you stand up to the best. Way to go, B. !!!!

  • Aya

    The cut and color WORK on her. Wow. And like others have said, her skin is fabulous.

  • Marina

    the short bangs are perfect on her

  • murt

    Love her hair!!! She looks awesome!

  • Crystallography

    awesome hair. the colour is just stunning, x

  • Steph

    Met her on a shoot a few weeks ago. So incredibly nice. She worked wonders on my hair!