Angela Lansbury for The Gentlewoman

Angela Lansbury The Gentlewoman

Shot by Terry Richardson (in Terry's trademark specs) for the Fall-Winter 2012 issue. You go, girl.

Side note: The Gentlewoman is great. The new issue hits newsstands tomorrow (Sept. 15th).

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  • RTG


  • JB Fletch.

    She is my idol!!!! Nothing but class.

  • moira

    This has to be their best cover yet!

  • ejb11

    Angela Lansbury is wonderful, but I could do with never hearing about Terry Richardson again. Disgusting.

    • Sandra L.

      Well put.

    • Lily

      I couldn't agree more.

    • Sarah

      Exactly. I don't understand the industry's obsession with this disgusting, redundant, overrated person.

    • Cristina C

      People who are born in the 1980s or after, or are unfamiliar with Bob Richardson's work will be impressed with Terry's stuff, sad to say.

  • Sandra L.

    HOW can you still look so good, Angela Lansbury? I'm speechless and so jealous I can hardly breathe.

  • Gaufrette

    Real, true beauty such as hers is always timeless. What a woman.

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    My favourite magazine! She looks incredible.


    I so want to ignore the Terry Richardson experience, but his photography is great and Angela never looked better.

  • Sandy Light

    What other beauty blog would even know who Angela Lansbury IS, let alone post this photo? Kudos to ITG -- I'm continuously impressed.


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