Who Is Twigs?


Thanks to Sharmadean Reid's Instagram and  i-D magazine, we've discovered Twigs. We don't know much about the British singer (actually, she's basically un-Google-able), save for this Tumblr and song that's now on loop in our office. But one thing's for sure: we have a seriousand, for now, unrequitedgirl crush.

**Update: God bless Twitter. More pics of Twigs (at a Zebra Katz show) here.

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  • Tiffanie
  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I just fell in love with this song. Thanks for the awesome heads-up!!

  • BeautyGeekUK

    Oh fantastic!! I saw her live at a showcase a few years ago and I tried to follow her but she disappeared (I was worried she'd given up!) so it's great to see she's still around. She's fantastic; when I saw her I thought she'd be massive as she's mesmerizing live x

  • ClosetCravings

    I'm lovin' the "un-Google-able." I've never heard of Twigs either - until now. Her voice is enchanting. I can't say the same for the video.
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  • Hannah Richtman

    holy shit she's awesome.



  • Jane Anna Tippett
  • http://www.facebook.com/rolah.osman Rolah M. Lønning Osman

    OMG! this is amazong! I needed some new music to love!

  • http://www.mylifeinthecurvylane.com The Curvy Girl

    Loving this song!!

  • http://www.daulbe.com/ Daul Be

    This cover is DROP! That's all I have to say.


  • Twopinkpeonies

    She is currently performing at proud cabaret Camden under the name bambi. Saw her last weekend she was amazing.

  • cookie

    she's also as lovely as her voice. truly a good person with a heart of gold, not just a beautiful face and voice.


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