Tom Ford Lip and Cheek Stain

Tom Ford Lip and Cheek Stain

All excited to see the latest Tom Ford lip color, we popped open the tube and were confronted with a decidedly unfamiliar shape. The stick was completely spherical at the top—a nub, if you will. At first we chalked it up to a factory mistake, but it seems it was all very intentional: for fall, the company is debuting a 2-in-1 Lip and Cheek Stain in a deep rose stick, rounded for easier application to other parts of the face. It's a somewhat demure (and efficient) statement from the typically bolder-is-better Ford. Perhaps he's coming around to the whole time-saving thing, though we imagine Ford might say that time, in fact, is the greatest luxury of all.


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  • ClosetCravings

    I really love 2-in-1 products. Gimme more for my dollar. That being said, the "nub" is not flattering to the product. If I wasn't privy to its intentional design, I would have raised an eyebrow, too. It sort of has an already used look to it. If it's a good product though, I can get over it. =)
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  • Nlvalen86

    i am excited!

  • Catherine

    That is really cool and handy - In a pinch I have always used my lipstick as blush so it is nice to see someone catching on to that. Would love to see some images of application!

  • Tina1971

    Hmm.. He could have designed this differently and more elegantly. Such a product belongs in a chic compact with a mirror.

  • Helen

    This is the first time I hear about this lipstick brand. I will take a try. ^_~

  • eunice

    I like that it comes in a tube and not a pan!

  • Nat

    Love the versatility of this product! Thank you, Tom Ford for being amazingly inventive... well, just amazing in general.


  • Alice

    If I hadn't read the text underneath the photo before I commented, my comment would have gone something like this:

    "What the heck?
    Why is Tom Ford selling colored bullets now???"

    Luckily, I didn't say that. just imagine how crazy I would have looked! :)
    But oooh that lipstick does look pretty cool.
    The shape is unconventional but does seem like it would make applying color to the rest of your face easier.
    I love that berry shade! I bet it would look awesome as blush too!
    And all of Tom Ford's lipsticks have such lovely packaging.
    I want to buy some just to keep the packaging! :)

    The Ace of Hearts

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Looks interesting! It's funny how we flinch when a lipstick doesn't conform to the typical shape. A subtle, but noticeable way to shake things up!


  • Jane S.

    would love to read a review of how it looks on both cheeks and lips.

  • andrea

    I just got this the other day. It makes your cheeks glow from within! And if you don't want your lips to look too "done", it gives just the right amount of color. I'm stockpiling because it's limited edition.