The Original ‘Fun Fearless Female’


R.I.P. Helen Gurley Brown, who edited Cosmopolitan magazine from 1965 to 1997 (publishing several books along the way, such as 1962's Sex and the Single Girl, which anticipated Sex and the City by about three decades), and passed away today, at age 90. Brown was an avid fan of beauty, never shying away from hairpieces and custom-cut false eyelashes, not to mention exotic prints, minidresses, fishnet stockings, and big jewelry. “You cannot sit around like a cupcake asking other people to come and eat you up and discover your great sweetness and charm," Brown told Nora Ephron in a 1970 Esquire profile. “You’ve got to make yourself more cupcakeable all the time so that you’re a better cupcake to be gobbled up.”

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  • Caitlin Robertson Willard

    she is fabulous! what an adorable comment about being a better cupcake. you will be missed helen!

  • Andrea

    such an icon! R.I.P :(

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    LOL that is the cutest/best quote of all time. RIP Helen

  • Marcia

    She seemed like such an interesting person, from her interesting style to her panache to that hilarious quote. Helen, you will be missed.

  • kate moss daily
  • Jordette Singleton
  • SF City Editor

    I can't imagine people having a problem with Cosmo, Helen Gurley Brown helped liberate women! I loved her book, Sex and the Single Girl, and I read it from time to time....


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