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Liquid eyeliner isn't for everybody. For one thing, it requires patience, practice, and the willingness to start all over if it goes haywire (lots of time, cotton pads and gentle eye makeup remover is required). There's something painterly to applying it well (literally, some liquid liners need brushes purchased separately and hey, we don't call them makeup artists for nothing) and some of us are, shall we say, more Picasso than photo-realist. So what do you do if you want a Sophia Loren/Brigitte Bardot/swinging Sixties cat-eye?

You might want to start with Nars' new Eyeliner Stylo pens. They're basically a more elegant, eyeball friendly Sharpie (in a coal black, dusky gray, aquamarine/teal and a dark brown). They're high-pigment and long-wearing. They make drawing on your face a little easier for those who are not so good at drawing on their faces (the word 'glide' comes to mind). Flick away, you'll look like an expert. Dramatic flair comes so easily nowadays...

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  • larissa

    I'm definitely gonna try them, I've become a liquid eyeliner fan because they tend not to smudge as the day passes. I'm going to put them in my to buy list for when I go to Sephora!

  • Mariposa
  • Rachel Phipps

    Okay, I can draw and paint and I still can't manage liquid eyeliner! Must try one of these...

  • The Procrastinator

    I tried this the other day -- the black is really gray and patchy. Something similar is the Hourglass Calligraphy pen which I love. It only comes in black though

  • Jennifer Monforton

    I find felt-tipped, solid applicators so much easier to use than the flimsy brushes that come with many liquid liners. Glad that NARS seemingly got it right with this new products, which I'll definitely be checking out! There is something ultra-rewarding about re-creating a Brigitte Bardot cat-eye look while exerting minimal effort :)


  • Karla

    I have had a couple and they aren't as effective as I would have expected they also dry out VERY quickly (especially given how expensive they are). I do think gel pots or a cheapie liquid eyeliner are a better buy.

  • Mickeyh

    I love the eyeko Skinny liquid liners. I have olive and turquoise for fun. The olive one is so beautiful, but yes patience is the key. I just got nars duo shadow in wicked and can't wait to try olive with it.

  • elizabeth bolin

    Thank you! I can't handle liquid eyeliners to save my life!

  • gigi

    I love liquid liner pens my fav is macs but I love nars so Ill def give this one a try! gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • ClosetCravings

    Love Nars.

  • Sunny

    Love Nars too tho my Stila's Stay All Day pen is the perfect marker for my shaky hands!

  • murt

    I liked the concept of these and the black worked well, but I also bought the teal, and it bled and sank into my eyelid - it was tough to take off, even with the usual Bioderma makeup remover I use, and it also somehow got onto my contact lens as it bled and dyed my contact lens blue! Luckily soaking the lens overnight got rid of the blue tint, but I was stuck wearing glasses for the night...

  • Eleanor

    I wish they made it in a maroon/burgundy color. I've been searching for a good deep wine colored eyeliner forever. Recommendations?

  • Kathleen

    still struggling to get the perfect wing...


NARS ‘Stylo’ Liquid Eyeliner
Eyeliner Stylo