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Somebody’s Excited For Her Vacation…


I'm free! I'm free! For a long weekend. With my best friends from college. As is our annual tradition, we're hightailing it up to Martha's Vineyard for some lobstering/BBQ-ing/amateur mixology in the land of grosgrain belts and pressed jeans. I, however, always take the opportunity to pack as little as possible, and this year is no exception: no makeup (not a lick), 1 bikini (Lisa Marie Fernandez), clean underwear, the Ksubi shorts and Sandro tank on my back, an Isabel Marant "America" jersey (the most athletic I'll get, Olympics or no), sandals (from a Tibetan store in Williamsburg), Céline shades, and a smattering of easy-breezy skincare products chucked into my trusty Wm. J. Mills & Co tote... I'm ready to hit the road. "That's it? Where's your stuff?" my friends will say, and I'll flash a gratified smile that indeed, I can survive and thrive for four days with next to nothing. Because when you roll out of bed in some magical beach house, are you really going to go through a three-step routine? I think not. I'll reach for my SkinCeuticals antioxidant potions, throw on some Anthelios SPF, and call it a day. After I wash off the grime at duskwith, gasp, whatever's laying aroundI'll throw on some Joelle Ciocco oil, sweep Lucas' Papaw ointment over my lips and make a cocktail. Oh, and somewhere in between, you better believe I'll be bringing myself up-to-date on that heart-wrenching K-Stew/R-Patz debacle. The chicest thing I'll be doing this weekend is reading Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list.


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  • Caitlin Robertson Willard

    sounds heavenly. there is nothing like a girls trip with no makeup necessary and waking up in the sunshine. have a great time!

  • tierneymarie

    I wish I could be that laid back, but sadly my skin would have to be a lot better than it is right now for me to pull that off!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Holy cow, Emily!That really is pretty much nothing! I can't believe you didn't even pack a mascara or blush! That must be...liberating! and Martha's Vineyard? I'm so jealous. Have fun!

    PS: I WANT all those Skinceuticals and Joelle Ciocco products you have. Plus that bikini is so simple and chic!

  • Aya

    Ah! I love you and this post and that you're going COMPLETELY without make up. You look great. Have a wonderful time.

  • kiki

    what shampoo/conditioner/hair masque have you been using? your hair is extraordinarily shiny in the above-- fantastic!

  • VotreAmie

    And it sounds like the PERFECT way to spend the weekend! You are adorable. Abso-effin-lutely adorable! Enjoy!

  • marianamandanas

    i love how this blog is becoming more of a personal thing than just a beauty blog!

  • Alexandra

    Martha's Vineyard has definitely always been a dream! I just finished re-reading Judy Blume's Summer Sisters, haha. Have an amazing time!!

  • sashi

    huh, well that is good but I like to feel my best on vacation, not like a grunge, so I bring my favorite beautiful things that make me feel and look fantastic. Why spend all of the hours on getting ready just to go see coworkers...? I want my family and friends to get my best too. Cosmetics are small, I will rather take three pieces of clothes and buy a local sarong or something.

  • yanksgurl613

    awesome! have a nice relaxing time on your vacation!!

  • Charu S.

    What will you use to wash your face before the SkinCeutical antioxidant potions??? Can't wait to find out!!! xC

  • larissa

    Your style is so relaxed but also chic! Love the Isabel Marant jersey!

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    Cute! Fun zippy post here that's right up my alley.

  • Laureen

    Sounds great ! Enjoy your holidays !
    Love your effortless and simple style :)

  • Camillamagdalenamartin

    You're the cutest and i love your blog, it's everything a girl could want:) Enjoy your days off!

  • reddysteadygo

    Inspiring! I am about to head out for a beach weekend myself. Two bikinis, tunics, sandals and sunscreen? Sounds good. The only thing I am worried about is my hair. I'll just have to keep it consistently soaked in saltwater for some great beachy curls.

  • Carla5555

    I love it! Enjoy every second! I love this carefree way about you... it's inspiring! I"m taking notes! BTW i LOVE Martha's Vineyard... makes me want to go back NOW! Oh and the shopping isn't so bad either! xoxo Carla

  • Emma

    Love love love seeing what you packed!! You look glowy and carefree...have an amazing trip!

  • Emmamiranda

    This is such a lovely post and gorgeous choices that you're taking with you. Have a fantastic time.

  • Katiehpr

    where can you buy the lucas paw paw in the us??

  • Daul Be

    I love your haircut so much! x

  • Babou

    Ahhhh love it
    I did the same with the boyfriend: barely any luggage, no makeup, camped for a few days in a VW combi and washed at the shower by the beach. So liberating. And I was glowing :)
    I would only add Bioderma Crealine wipes (so handy) and a piece of soap (just in case there is nothing)

    PS Love the magazines, girl mag and people mag are mandatory :)

  • Mej

    me need.want a vacay too!:)

    your beauty products on my stash would be lovely :P

    Mej of

  • beauty lover

    sounds like a great summer break - FYI they sell Lucas Pawpaw at Beautiful Dreamers in Williamsburg

  • BeautyholicRomy

    Love love love this post! Hope u had a great time <3 I'm all for roughing it for a weekend away!

  • Ms.C

    The LMF bikini- army satin or army neo?


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