Snakes in a Limo: New Grimes


Following the success of “Oblivion,” which had her rocking out in a sports stadium, Canadian pixie Grimes is back with a new video for the equally catchy “Genesis,” and it’s straight out of Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, with hints of Japanese samurai and anime. In the spot, directed by the singer (birth name: Claire Boucher) and co-starring rapper and stripper Brooke Candy (in cutout armor and bubblegum-pink waist-length cornrows), Grimes cavorts around the desert with a mace, a sparking torch, and a boa constrictor. Sure, the snake is straight out of Britney's 1999 VMAs performance, but “Slave 4 U” this is not.

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  • genevieve

    her blonde pigtails totally reminded me of sailor moon!
    so good/weird

  • ClosetCravings

    Insane creativity. The yellow boa constrictor actually makes a beautiful "accessory." Love the pigtails.
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  • Adonis/&/Andouille

    I started straight up LOL'ing when Candy used her pink braids as a lasso above her head. Speaking of Canadian duets, one can only hope that the unholy union of Chad Kroeger & Avril Lavigne will result in them putting a video like this out.


  • Besi

    The video is lovely, but it isn't enough to mask the lack of substance in the music.