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Brooklyn Beauty at Colette

If you thought the city-wide affection for all things Brooklyn (is this because of Girls?) had gotten a bit out of control, just wait: Brooklyn's 'cool factor’ has spread to France. Next Monday, our favorite Parisian arbiter of everything-cool-you-can-buy-in-a-store-and-even-some-things-you-can’t Colette is launching 10 outer-borough beauty brands (as curated by French Vogue) in-store under the banner “Brooklyn Beauty." Interestingly, some of the featured lines were started by young moms.

The very charming booklet we received in the mail from Colette explained (pardon our rough translation):

“In Brooklyn, beauty is an affair of family and neighborhood. Crafts and recipes gleaned online or in books from the age of 'Flower Power'... are tested and improved by our pioneers of beauty, both ‘handmade’ and natural. Often, young mothers are inspired to create their own soaps, creams, perfumes, or multi-use balms that they put in pots ‘with love,’ like old-fashioned jams.

“[The products in] this limited series, first made for their children and distributed as gifts amongst girlfriends, were successfully sold in the markets of New York before becoming micro-enterprises. Labeled 'artisanal products' with packaging design, certification standards, online marketing...these houses today offer an aura of luxury.”

The brand list reads like an index of ITG Top Shelf faves: Apotheke Co, Between You & The Moon (Sally Singer-approved), D.S. & Durga, Goldies, Love Nature NYC, McBride Beauty (a favorite of Amy Astley’s), MCMC Fragrances, Phoenix Botanicals, Soapwalla, and Sprout (as name-checked by Julia Frakes).

But more importantly, is this really what the French think of Brooklyn?


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  • Cay

    That description is killing me. Evidently they've never walked around certain parts of Bed-Stuy or Crown Heights at night--not one homemade lip balm in sight!

    Also, this is getting a bit picky (sorry!), but I believe that Goldie's is actually from Rockaway, Queens, not Brooklyn. (Their stuff is also amazing.)

  • ClosetCravings

    This post made me think of the Brooklyn girls from BRAVO's new reality show "Gallery Girls." Red lipstick seemed to be considered a defining beauty faux pas among the Manhattan ladies, while Brooklyn girls seemed to frown at OC-looking girls. Beauty wars.
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  • Tina

    Coming from someone who not only lives in BK but loves some of the product brands listed above, I say OUI! Here's my review on MCMC perfume oils:

  • Christie

    I love D.S. Durga! This is so cool!

  • Jasminenalvarez

    wow that sounds really amazing. congrats to them

  • BeingLovingDoing

    French people don't think of Brooklyn or manhattan or the Bronx. For most French, New York is not the state or event NYC. When they say New York, they think Manhattan. So they definitely don't think about Brooklyn

  • Bird

    The description is hilarious. The French have the funniest viewpoints sometimes.

  • Izzy Cole

    Funny how I missed this one, it was posted as I was moving to my new place in Greenpoint Brooklyn, and I couldn't be prouder of my neighbors.