ITG fave Uslu Airlines just released four soon-to-be-sold-out varnishes: a neon coral (BER, for the as-yet-unfinished Berlin Brandenburg Airport), a pearlescent green (GWW, for  R.A.F. Gatow, a retired German airbase), a translucent blue shot through with holographic tinsel (AMB, for Ambilobe in Madagascar), and a smoky-white glitter (USH, for Ushuaia in Argentina). Fun fact: the latter two polishes are a collab between Uslu and out-there Japanese accessories brand Ambush and Bonjour Records.  For a very limited time only...

And though it came out a few months ago to celebrate Colette's 15th anniversary, this one’s pretty great, too (and it's fig-scented).

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  • ClosetCravings
  • emmaattheedit

    I adore the blue glitter varnish, need to get my hands on that one!

    xx em

  • Phoebe

    Are these available anywhere in the States?

    • Bird

      I was wondering the same thing! Shipping to the US costs as much as the polish itself! Anyone know?

    • Esther

      We carry USLU polish. Free shipping.

  • Laura

    In love with the smoky-white glitter one! Wonder if it's as good on!

  • chericerise

    Absolutely adore the bottle colour of these polishes. Swatches please anyone???

    - Paige xx

  • kate moss daily

    Gorgeous colors. Perfect antidote to the anxiety of the inevitable Fall season. Such bright colors make holding on to Summer a little longer possible.

  • VotreAmie

    WHAAAAT?! AMB ROCKS MY WORLD!!! I cant wait to get that on my digits!

  • Jessica Choy

    I have got to try AMB!!! So curious on how it will look on nails!!! ♥