Model R&R in Maui


It’s exactly one week until the start of NYFW SS13 and things are already starting to pick up as far as prep.

Of course, if you're a model, that prep work doesn't include finalizing runway samples, concepting beauty looks, planning your outfit changes, or organizing show invitations. It means making sure you look your absolute glowy best. Take familiar face and runway favorite Alana Zimmer, who, along with her pals Hanne Gaby Odiele and Jacquelyn Jablonski, jetted off to Hawaii last week to squeeze in some beach time and general r&r before the whirlwind of fashion month(s).

Alana sent us the above vacation snaps mid-way through the trip, with a caption:

“Hanne squeezed some lemons into my hair in hopes of highlights in Maui [1], and here’s Jacquelyn and I hiking in the volcano park around the Halema’uma’u crater [2].”

We say: Kudos to models who, weeks before walking in a zillion shows, are having a little fun with their own hair color. It's Sun-In done the way Mama Nature intended.

Stay tuned for part two of Alana's Hawaiian travel diary....

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  • kate moss daily

    That's a beautiful image. I'm too scared to try lemon juice on my own hair, so I'll just appreciate from afar!

  • Jessica

    Kind of obsessed with living vicariously through holidaying models... I need more photos!

    The Lovelorn

    • Natalie

      me too! this was a great little feature

  • claire

    I want both of their bodies!!!

  • VotreAmie

    Ah paradise! Fond memories of days spent in the sun with lemon juice soaked hair!

  • Woody

    They are in perfect shape. Too perfect? Remember that Karlie Kloss shoot with Steven Meisel? Took me a while to figure out why they are wrong. She is too toned. The pictures lack an element of healthy debauchery. Not that they all have to be like Kate Moss, just themselves. Kloss is a great example. She is a happy and wholesome girl, who bakes cookies, yet judging by her appearance, you'd think she's Patrick Bateman's daughter.

    Someone needs to tell them to be their best selves, rather than some abstract goal. It's more interesting for us and allows them to build a character.

    • Raeleenr

      "Someone needs to tell them to be their best selves?" And what if right now they feel this is their best selves? In this day and age, still so much judgment about the bodies of models. Let them be whatever size and shape they want, just like the rest of us have a choice.