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Lipglass, Revisited

mac cremesheen glass

MAC's Cremesheen Glass in Strictly Plutonic has been floating around the bottom of my bag for about a week now. It's a semi-glossy, semi-opaque dusty neutral, sure, but more importantly, the texture is like butta. Cremesheen could be the fraternal twin of sticky Lipglass (don't get me wrong: nothing lasts like Lipglass)it's silky, smooth, and comfy-cozy on the lips. -E.W.

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  • larissa

    Definately want to try it !

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I haven't tried the Cremesheens yet--but I'm glad to hear they're not as sticky as the Lipglasses. Much too sticky for me :/

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Tempting! I love MAC but have always faulted their Lipglasses for being too dry and sticky. The texture of the Cremesheen Glass sounds like a serious improvement! Thanks for piquing my interest ;)


    • Katiehpr

      I love the cremesheens...not sticky at all! Hate the lip glass (stick city)

  • Raphaëlle Lavielle

    And all the hues look like the perfect shade ever!

  • Carla Kokoszka

    MAC can do no wrong in my book! These colors are stunning! BTW loved your Glamour spread... gorgeous! xoxo

  • rhodawong

    i've never got into MAC lip glosses because i'm afraid of the whole "hair sticking to your lips when the wind blows" situation, but maybe i will now!

  • mamajulesbrussels

    looking forward to to marilyn monroe collection of mac!

  • Aross34ca

    I never wore lipgloss cause I always hated that tacky, sticky feeling... Tred MAC Cremesheen Glass a couple of years ago, and can't live without it!!! It is great! This is the only "gloss" I will use on my lips.

  • ClosetCravings

    A semi-opaque dusty neutral that feels like butta sounds divine. This might be a must-buy for me. =)
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  • Tales of Powder Pink

    Ooh these look pretty!


  • liz

    I haven't tried Cremesheen yet! Can't wait to give it a whirl- I totally agree about lipglass though. I hate how my hair gets stuck to it.


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