Imagine This: Yoko Ono for Swarovski

Swarovski Yoko Ono Keys

On the topic of jewelry...Yoko Ono created a range of key-shaped crystal pendants for Swarovski. Her inspiration? "Hope, peace and dreams," according to a press release. "Imagine a key that unlocks the door to the forest with its secrets, to the sky with its peacefulness, to the universe with its infinity, to a future with a promise for a better life," Yoko says in the release. "Imagine two billion universes, and visualize yourself on a planet in each universe." (The collection is titled "Unlocking the Door to a Better Life.") The keys are set to launch in Swarovski stores on Fashion's Night Out, Sept. 6.

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  • ClosetCravings

    The pieces are quite lovely. Another reason to be excited about Fashion's Night Out.
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  • Jennifer Monforton

    As long as she's not singing, I'll take a peek at Yoko's artistic pursuits ;) But seriously, the key pendants are quite whimsical and pretty. Now if only I could wrap my mind around this multiple universes thing...


  • VotreAmie

    I love the way she described her inspiration. Very very cool

  • kate moss daily

    I love the idea behind the pendants. So beautiful.

  • Natalie

    Wow I am not feeling those AT ALL. They remind me of something Princess House would have made back in the 90s. Super cheesy.

  • Noisette

    I still can't believe that Lennon's girl sold her soul for a few bucks and bullshittin about universes..

    • Eliza

      Lennon's girl? Last time I checked she as a grown ass woman who could make her own choices.

  • Helen

    Love the key necklace. Very interesting!

  • Colleen Welsch

    I thought they'd be ugly, but they're actually really pretty.

  • Meg

    Really? A key? Now that's something we haven't seen... With an explanation like that, you'd think she would create something original.