Here’s the Stitch: Meet Artist Kelly Favre


L'Officiel's Daphné Hezard tipped us off to a French law-student-turned-artist named Kelly Favre, who embellishes cosmetics packaging (Chanel, Dior, Guerlain...) with her sometimes-cheeky—and sexual, as in [4], which depicts a sperm fertilizing an egg—hand-embroideries. Intrigued by the forwarded photo of a half-finished Chanel bottle, we asked Favre to share some more examples of her work, and she happily obliged. Favre writes:

"I am a young 'artist' with an atypical career. I was going to be a lawyer when I suddenly stopped my studies, as I found out my real passion was and will always be ART. I love to transform objects to give them another life, identity, history, function. Moreover, relief and superposition characterize my work. Since my childhood I've always admired women's artcraft and handiwork, and for this project, I wanted to pay tribute to them. This is the reason I've started with embroidery: it represents different major subjects, like beauty and the meticulous work of handicraft, a properly very feminine work, concentration, meditation.

I have the chance to receive lots of cosmetics presents, and I always feel sad to throw away the packaging. I think it's a waste. Sometimes, I even go in perfume shops to ask for empty boxes. But in fact it's quite difficult, because people like to keep the boxes. It's like if they are opening a little present when they arrive at home. I like to work with theses boxes and give them a new life. And especially for big brands, there is an important gap between cosmetic retailing (mass-market) and handiwork (art craft).

The only thing I can tell you is that it's very long and meticulous work. It takes me almost three days to do one piece, and I barely have any more fingers or eyes ; )

but I love it."

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  • elise

    I lovvvve this. I want to work for her. With her. I wish this was my idea, it's really cool and beautiful. It is a modern interpretation of an art I feel is almost lost.... I get depressed that no one makes things anymore, no one does things, and this is encouraging. As for her hands and eyes, I am sure they get really tired, but then again, computers cause the same problems!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • ClosetCravings

    I absolutely adore her work - especially the Chanel bottle. It's funny how the packaging can be just as special as what's inside of it. I love these kind of stories where someone diverges from their initial career path; they're always so interesting.
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  • SF City Editor

    Where can we purchase?

  • Eleanor

    Beautiful work and such a novel idea.

  • VotreAmie

    Absolutely incredible work - Creative, beautiful and such attention to detail. LOOVE!

  • Aleksandra

    So pretty. I would really like to see Kelly's top shelf!

    • Kelly Favre


      • AshXO

        Another reader here that would love to see your top shelf and hear all your personal beauty secrets! Something about you French women makes even toilet paper seem glamorous.

  • nicole

    I like her ladybug ring- how fun! I'm guessing it's no particular designer?

    • Kelly Favre

      Hello Nicole I am an artist thanks you for your compliment

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    WOOW! Amazing work!!

  • Missy Nascimento

    That's magnificent. I want to look at it everyday, many x a day!! in addition to falling inlove with your vision I also love that specific perfume. although it went through its high point of mass commerce, & now quiet.. I love it even more. thank you for creating special objects.

  • Nat

    I think it's fantastic that you followed your passion, Kelly! It's so easy in this day and age to get caught up in "what should I do" versus "what do I WANT to do." And by the way, your handiwork is beautiful!


    • Kelly Favre

      Thank you Nat

  • Daul Be

    So chic! I love this!

  • Dolche69

    Kelly you inspired me! Thank you! I also use my golden hands & make jewelry! I love creating! Here is the proof :)))

    • Kelly Favre

      Creation and Passion !!!!!!

  • JeanLouisFavre

    Very Nice and original work ... J'aime

  • isabel

    the patience you have to have to make this stuff... not in it for me :)

  • hs

    would anyone know what color fingernail polish she has?