Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis


Hannah Bronfman: We’ve been together for eight months. We met at a nightclub, actually.

Brendan Fallis: Who says you can’t meet somebody in nightclubs these days?

Hannah: He totally tried to pick me up.

Hannah: We’ve also yet to have a fight…

Brendan: …Or really an argument of any sort. I don’t know how that’s possible. [Laughs] But anyway, we’re pretty low-maintenance people. I use your facewash, which is Tracie Martyn. I’m also only using face-cream products that you’ve collected over the years, that you don’t use, and those just become mine.

Hannah: I’m a product whore. I have so many products, it’s crazy. But in Scotland I bought you that Clinique rollerball eye thing—

Brendan: So, I have this really big complex with my eyes—there’s no easy solution to bags under your eyes. So I think if you wear eye cream that tightens your eyes, or feels like it tightens your eyes...

Hannah: He just loves the cooling effect.

Brendan: I just love the cooling effect. [Laughs] And other than that, I get my hair cut a lot. I love having it clean; I hate having neck hair. Hannah did it for me two times ago, and then I went to Freemans to get my hair cut, and the girl who was cutting my hair was like, 'Who are you letting cut your hair. Look at these problems. Never do this again.'

Hannah: I’m not that particular about my hair, but I do love this all-natural, all-in-one cleansing conditioner from a company called Wen that I originally found through my friend in college. I found out that they sell on QVC, and I love QVC—love it. I used to wake up in the mornings hungover and watch QVC for two hours. I used to have a really bad online-shopping problem in college, and I have kicked the habit, and now I just go to C.O. Bigelow, and I love Zitomer’s. There’s a place that I get my Tracie Martyn stuff called Honey In The Rough on the Lower East Side. And I love Sephora. I could go into Sephora every day. I have so much makeup, even though I end up not putting any of it on.

Brendan: She doesn’t really wear a lot of makeup, so I’m not really into a lot of makeup. I’m into people who look like they should look, and just accentuate a little with their makeup, but don’t try to have a full different face. I think Hannah looks the most beautiful in big glasses in the morning. [Laughs]

Hannah: Like, I just got this new eyebrow pencil, which I can’t find at the moment—which is really upsetting—but I’ve been trying to just accentuate a few features, one being my eyebrows. Just little touches.

Brendan: And I notice every time.

Hannah: You do notice every time.

Brendan: Same response every time: ‘Eyebrow pencil today?’ ‘Yep, yep, okay.'

Hannah: One time it was really funny—you were out of town, and I sent you a video or something, and you’re like, ‘Those look cray...' You were like, ‘...crayon.'

Brendan: I used to work with this extremely well-dressed gay man, who would only wear black and white Alexander Wang everything, and he’d always say, ‘[Concealer is] all you should wear,’ and I just couldn’t do it. Although I like my beauty and upkeep of my looks, I haven’t crossed that far into the realm of makeup and pushing metrosexuality beyond where it shall go. So, I just have my clippers—that’s what I used to shave my face—battery-operated, travel the world. The eye stuff that she got in Scotland, dental floss, a comb from the best barber shop, Crow’s Nest Barbershop, a toothbrush, and that’s about it. And I take the Old Spice "High Endurance Challenge": if it doesn’t work, you’re allowed to send it back, and get your money, which I don’t know who would, but great concept. For toothpaste, we just started using that Marvis toothpaste.

Hannah: It tastes like candy; it’s delicious.

Brendan: Almost too good, like you want to keep brushing your teeth. We use the purple Jasmine one. I also like Sensodyne. It’s for sensitive teeth, but as your dentist will tell you, you should just use it all the time because you’ll never feel like you’re having problems.

Hannah: And this is my amazing new deodorant: it’s Weleda, it’s a rose spray. I’m very picky about my deodorants. I probably didn’t wear one for a long time because it’s hard for me to find one that works well with my body, and this is amazing. I’m really into it. I like to keep it natural and simple; I don’t really do too much. When I get out of the shower, I put a little body oil on, then I wash my face with this all-natural Tracie Martyn Purifying Cleanser. I’m really into it; it’s an oil that you lather with water. And then, depending if I’m going to be out in the sun or not, I’ll put either the moisturizer with SPF in it, like Caudalie or something, or if I’m not really going to be in the sun that much, I’ll put on the Rodin Olio Lusso. I went recently for a facial at Mario Badescu, which I really liked, and they gave me this Buffering Lotion that I put on maybe once a week, at night, and my skin’s been looking great.

Because I have so much makeup, I need to see what I’m working with. It’s nice to have a real boudoir where I can put all my stuff on. I like having glass jars to put all my products in; I like the way they look all together. But this is what I’m into right now: this Murad primer that has a matte finish that I put on before any makeup, and it just helps with summer and the heat and shine. It’s sort of like tinted moisturizer, but it’s lighter, it’s better for summer. A little eyebrow gel...I can’t tell if I like the way firm eyebrows look, but I’m trying it out. My eyebrow pencil is from Make Up For Ever, and I’m really into this cream blush from YSL. It doesn’t even look like you’re wearing makeup, and you have a nice little flush. And I recently picked up the Smashbox Lip Stain—it's really nice and doesn’t run out immediately, which I feel like happens with a lot of lip stains, and on the other end of it, it has a balm. These guys are good.

Brendan: I don’t like cologne; she doesn’t like perfume. But I’m also allergic to cologne, so I can’t wear it. I can’t walk through a department store—I used to get migraines. In tenth grade I got this sweet Calvin Klein Eternity for Men from my girlfriend—it was sweet—I’d wear it and then I’d get these crazy headaches... I wouldn’t be able to read; I would just see a dot moving around. I’d get a headache for a whole day, and then I’d try to wear it again so I could impress her.

—as told to ITG

Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on June 28th, 2012.

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  • Vkim10

    this was adorable

  • http://ibelieveinrosa.blogspot.mx/ larissa

    What a cute couple, love the article!


  • Charu S.

    this is so amazing - to see people in their natural setting is inspirational!

    • Olga Gotkowska

      What's inspirational about seeing people in their house?

  • yume

    i found them both endearing.

  • The Procrastinator

    Her voice reminds me of Santana from glee!

  • Reg

    This is such an adorable take on top shelf! What a cute couple!!! The seem really in sync and they seem to have such great dynamic together!

  • Tai

    Cute - good products too. This blog is going to get me to try Olio Lusso yet.

  • Lacygirl

    As in her father was CEO of Warner Music Group and worth over two billion dollars.

    • http://twitter.com/nondisclosure1 non disclosure


      And given how many times I have read about/ seen pictures of this girl in the last couple of days, this rather flimsy post seems too "publicity" within the fashion blog context.

      Not that I'm against publicity per se. Things, people, and events usually become notable for reasons beyond sheer will to PR, and as long as the exposure does make its subject seem fascinating, I'm all for the subject's compliance to be excessively interviewed everywhere.

      The problem is, that simply is not the case here.

      It's a cute couple, but the banter is too mundane. The saddest thing of all? The interview makes the relationship seem doomed.

      Very sweet guy, but he is comparatively too poor. He seems to be trying to not to care about the disparity so much, but, oh god.

      I suppose EW did the interview thinking it would be beneficial to all parties involved.

      For the sake of kindness to all, don't interview new couples again. It's better for everyone.

      What I love about ITG's Top Shelf posts is that it makes *everyone* seem real, whether it's a long-established fashion authority, like Amanda Harlech, or an It Girl of the moment, like Caroline Issa, or someone who's still in the process of establishing her own place in a creative industry, like many of its readers, EW always gets them to talk about products in a way that reveals something genuine and personal. Even the Milla Jovovich interview managed to show what an unrelenting professional she is. This one is an exception.

      But we all learn. :)

      And something I haven't realized until now: ITG readers don't like people whose sole achievement in life seems to be having rich parents. Even Paris Hilton could be better welcomed than Ms. Bronfman; at least Ms. Hilton tries harder at proving herself.

      • aembee

        Isn't she EVERYWHERE lately? I knew nothing about her like, five days ago, know I know every product she uses and every beauty ritual she employs...

      • Charlotte

        WELL PUT! Took the words out of my mouth.

  • JC8

    Ugh. Let's hate because her boyfriend is cute and she looks flawless without makeup on. GOOD IDEA.

    • KS

      i don't think that's the reason at all.

  • Megan Coast

    That was totally unnecessary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.morabito Sarah Corsello Morabito

    I thought they were charming and delightful and came across as genuinely happy. Any context to their lineage is irrelevant. A nice peek into a couple's world.

  • Fairytalesandcoffee

    They were cute and I enjoyed...never do this again...just kidding...no really...errrrrrrr...this was more of a cute relationship post than a top shelf...even with the product mentions and images...no hating on billionaire's daughters....what's the point?

  • Irina

    Well, aren't you a ball of joy! :| What is up with all these haters, lately? This site used to have a nice community feel in the comments, what happened to that?!

    • Ekaterina

      I completely agree.. its not the site, but these useless negative comments that are becoming extremely annoying!

      • Capitalist Pancake

        Yep - I think when a site gets bigger, it seems to attract people with nothing better to do than flaunt petty jealousy and negativity.

        • Guest

          Actually, it attracts more opinions. It's fair that some things are unnecessary, but often someone's honesty or simple assertion is mistaken for rudeness, because people aren't used to hearing what others really think... I would prefer someone to be genuine; not all comments will be positive, even though yes, they should try and be polite X

  • SP

    So "TL;DR", you just scrolled down to the bottom to leave a rude comment? The Molly Young Top Shelf was just as long, so make sure to head on over and "TL;DR" that one too!

  • Emma

    LOVED the video! Beyond charming and such great chemistry. Inspired by their playfulness and ease with each other & life.

  • Jasminenalvarez

    haha they were so funny and cute

  • Mfergie889

    OP: Agreed! Maybe it's the whole new couple thing that is annoying.

  • hm…

    More power to them if they stay together, but this just seems like an awfully new relationship to be permanently left in cyberspace, ya know?

  • http://twitter.com/nondisclosure1 non disclosure

    Since this is a Top Shelf post, please include more references to actual products and the interviewee(s)'s personal opinion of them. This one really is too off-topic.

    And I personally think it's too risky to interview new couples for this. Unless you're really certain neither party will wish to have the post removed if they break up, otherwise, stick to really committed couples please. Beside, newer couples don't know enough about each other, which can lead to a discussion that lacks specific details for all sorts of reasons, as evidenced in the present article.

  • Laura Cheung

    They're a cute couple. He seems so sweet - and he has great skin!

  • Capitalist Pancake

    Love Marvis! Got my husband hooked on the cinnamon version - my favourites are the aquatic mint and jasmin!

  • Jane S.

    They're adorable and seem genuinely happy--good for them. I liked his comments on male grooming, as the line between what's acceptable and what's over the top seems to move daily. Good luck to them!

  • Toni

    cute couple she's a lucky girl

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1079748525 Juan Jaar

    I LOVE videos like this. God, DO THIS EVERYDAY.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJQMGJU7MZMBVLSD4GUTPJEPD4 murt

    I enjoyed this - she is gorgeous.

  • http://whenjmetk.wordpress.com/ Kathleen

    omg. Love you guys.

  • http://lesfutilitesdemellec.hautetfort.com/ Melle C la futile

    They are really cute! I love the video. I hope to see more videos of couples.

  • Mona

    Makes me wanna go get a smoothie! Avocado + orange juice is amazing

  • Paola

    I could go to Sephora every day too if it was up to me & I love QVC, love, LOVE, love it. I will def. be trying the avocado and flax-seed mask.

    But honestly, I cant even begin to fathom why some of the issues certain commenters have should even be a factor. I could care less who her family is and how much money they have or how poor her BF is comparatively. Just as I could care even less if they have been together as a couple for 8 hours, 8 months or plan to commit to each other for the next 80 years. I don't know them from a hole in the wall so anything that has to do with their personal life or finances doesn't interest me and shouldn't even be a factor when criticizing if they should have been featured on this blog.

    That said, they are a cute couple and it was fun to watch them.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DJQMGJU7MZMBVLSD4GUTPJEPD4 murt

      Completely agree - and if they do breakup after this post, well that's their issue, not mine! Reading this post in that case might bring back some good memories for them, who knows.

  • courtney

    I don't know why I didn't like this. I felt like they were both super uncomfortable I didn't get any valuable information or insider tips. I have to agree with the poster who said new couples should be avoided :)) I liked reading her review of Soul Cycle but that was enough for a week. I look forward to more interesting reads and let me tell you again that I really enjoyed the lesbian couple with two kids. That was a relationship dynamic that was interesting and inspirational. Not that it matters what I think because it's just a blog post, but I do think there's something to be said for the depth that's usually reached with most of your subjects.

    And may I please add in closing that this "TL DR" business is something I'd be embarrassed to post in response to anything. I had to google it to see what it meant and it makes the commenter look asisnine. :(( Bring back the art of reading (gasp, even reading books!) and get off this shorthand Twitter business.

  • http://twitter.com/sanyopass sanyopass

    Very cute man.

  • http://fashionablygeeked.blogspot.com/ Fashionably Geeked

    First time here, so I haven't seen the other Top Shelf posts, but I think they're a cute couple. I love that Hannah Bronfman is becoming so popular, especially because she's African American and you rarely see black socialites recognized.


  • Guest

    So really? I like tried to not like these people? But really? Like I was smiling during the entire interview so ... like how could I not like people who make me smile? Like really.

  • Yvonne

    Has anyone tried the WEN cleansing conditioner? I have been very curious about it.