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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Hand Wash

If you’ve got plans to crash with friends this weekend somewhere/anywhere, rethink your typical hostess gifts (scented candles? guest soaps?) and go with something they'll actually want to stick next to their sinks: Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Hand Balm. At ITG, we’re constantly lathering up with the pair (infused with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, lavender, and cedar) in tandem—and end up walking around smelling our hands all day. Not in a creepy way. Or maybe in a creepy way, but trust: they smell freaking great.

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  • Jennifer Monforton

    Mmmm, sounds heavenly! I love botanical-based products and have heard wonderful things about Aesop's lovely concoctions. Now I have extra motivation to give them a try!


  • AnnMarie

    There was an upscale movie theater that used to have that exact soap and lotion in the bathroom -- I would go to the bathroom multiple times in one trip to the theater just to have that beautiful smell on my hands, so I totally get the "smelling our hands all day" haha. It was my introduction to Aesop...sadly the theater "cheaped out" and stopped stocking it, which ended my love affair with that location (luckily I found it at Barneys so now I have it at home!).

  • Eleanor

    LOVE AESOP. 'Nuff said.

  • Louise


    • Adonis/&/Andouille

      I know, right? Just skip the hostess gift and book a hotel room with that money.

    • Tahianasaude

      I can not believe someone would spend that much money on hand soap!

  • cclarebear

    There are a lot of bars and restaurants in Sydney that stock Aesop in their toilets. I always make a mental note to go back for that precise reason :P

  • Michelle Sohl

    Fabulous gift idea!

  • Ayemazz

    Aesop is one of the many reasons why I Love going to New York! Sadly... There is no aesop in Argentina!


  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    this is definitely a good suggestion - useful hostess gifts are the way to go!

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Great tip for next visit!

  • Phyl_us

    Sometimes ai get the infortunate feeling that the blog's becoming more and more like an ad...

    • Tahianasaude

      I thought the same thing. Are these posts ads? Do ITG gets money for them? Because this post looks like an ad disguised like "girl friend telling you about this amazing thing".

      • ITGNick

        Nope! Not an ad. And while these are definitely expensive, the bottles are also much bigger than the photo lets on. Soap and hand cream for months and months!

  • anon

    top 10% over here

  • L J

    oh the rosemary leaf smells just devine, highly recommend it!

  • Lindsay Sue

    Walking into an Aesop store is like walking into heaven. I love all of their products!