Freckle Envy, Continued

Gisele Bündchen by Peter Lindbergh for David Yurman FW 2012

Don't know about you, but our freckle envy is deepening, especially after receiving this bit of intel from Tom Pecheux (Gisele's makeup artist for the David Yurman campaign):

"I've been working with Gisele since she started, and we never talk about her freckles, and I never cover them, so I believe she likes them. Anyway, I think freckles make you look super charming and very sexy, so what else can you dream of?"

For those looking to amplify or (ahem) add their own, Pecheux advises using a taupe or light-brown eyebrow pencil.

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  • Daul Be

    Taupe is my definite go-to when it comes to eyebrow!

    PS: Emma looks gorgeous all grown-up <3

  • larissa

    I love her look, so natural and classy, it's weird I have freckles mainly on the left side of my face and sometimes I cover them but most days I love them !

    • Jthomas

      I love freckles, but if you have more on the left side of your face it's probably from UVA while driving (or sitting in the left aisle of airplanes if you fly a lot LOL) - try a stronger sunscreen on that side.

  • Charlotte Delon

    freckles are really so charming! Emma looks gorgeous as usual.

  • Andrea Athos

    Emma is so beautiful!

  • Eleanor

    Emma can honestly do no wrong. Love her AND her freckles.

  • Jill

    Emma is absolutely stunning

  • Jennifer Monforton

    She looks beautiful here! Love the contrast of the dramatic liner against the natural skin. So classic :)


  • monica

    I'm incredibly jealous of women who "wear" freckles so amazingly. I'm a tan Southeast Asian, so freckles were never possible for me. Hmmmmm, now I'm considering trying out that eyebrow pencil tip!

  • Lola

    I spent my entire adolescence trying to cover up my freckles and hiding from the sun so I didn't get more. I finally learned to love them about 5 years ago and now they're my favourite feature, especially the ones on my shoulders. At this time of year they really don't need any assistance, but sometimes I emphasise a few with the Topshop kohl in Saddle. Oh and I still hide from the sun, because that's just common sense :)

  • Kathleen

    I used to have so many freckles on my cheeks and nose, and as a kid I hated them. They always came out in the summer time and it irritated me. Now years later, I want them more than ever !! but they are not as prominent whatsoever if not completely gone. They only show up on my arms and shoulders now..might have to take your advice and...add my own in :)

  • Pearl and Butler

    Emma is one of our favourite style and beauty icons! She's so classy and elegant.