Famous One-Pieces


As discussed in my post today, it's not always about whoever shows the most skin, even on the beach. From Farrah Fawcett's famous red bathing suit [1] (and the poster that launched her career/the male sex drives of a generation) to Elizabeth Taylor kneeling in the waves in Suddenly Last Summer [2], or Romy Schneider lounging with Alain Delon [3] (between Liz and Romy I'm thinking I need a white maillot now—and I'll take Alain Delon, too, please, while we're at it), there's a bounty of one-piece swimsuit inspiration out there. Elle MacPherson's suit [4] looks rather uncomfortable, admittedly, but Marilyn [5]! Kate [6]! That Australian Vogue model with the kangaroo [7]! But don't listen to me: look at Bo Derek [8]. If girl's gonna run around with those beaded cornrows flapping, at least she's got her suit under control.


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  • http://ibelieveinrosa.blogspot.mx/ larissa

    Such amazing swimsuits but my favorites are the ones from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn , clasically beautiful!


  • C-Oz

    I'm a one-piece girl too. I've noticed in the age of the Kardashians there is a reactionary movement in fashion that is showing less skin and less overtly sexy. Cleavage bearing tight mini dresses don't look very chic right now. I LOVED your suit from your GoldenEye post!

  • Amelia

    The suits are great, but this post is nothing new. I follow ITG for its original beauty content, not fashion. Please stick to what this site is well loved and known for!

  • http://www.daulbe.com/ Daul Be

    I love one-piece swimsuit! Classic and elegant! Only the one that are simple, like monochrome swimsuit. Rudi Gernreich is my favorite!

  • http://katemossdaily.blogspot.com/ kate moss daily

    I like retro-style swimsuits myself.


  • Jennifer Monforton

    I'm also partial to one-piece swimsuits. They are so classic! And that picture of Liz Taylor really makes nothing seem more glamorous and elegant that a simple white one-piece. So beautiful!



  • Carly_L

    Hehe cute post! I enjoyed it.

  • Dianna

    My numerous bikinis have all been retired - and they were so pretty! - but I don't miss them. When you are over 30 and just had two kids back to back, one-piece is the answer. I love them with not very high-cut legs but in a low graceful, a bit retro style. One piece gives such freedom at the beach - knowledge that everything is under control, the waves are not going to sweep away that top... not to mention all the active games, throwing kids in the air and chasing them after it. I love bold colors and I actually think that one piece, if beautiful and properly fitted, gets more attention.

  • Alice Edgeley

    Thats it! I'm running to the sewing machine to whip myself a one piece up! Actually its raining in Melbourne ATM, but as soon as summer hits I'm gonna hit the beach in a one piece and see how it feels. Thank you


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