Coco Takes Lolla



Oh, the dilemma of the summer music festival. On one hand, we ladies try very hard to look cute walking around those muddy fields in our cowboy boots and cut-offs. On the other hand, we want to look like we really didn't try at all and just rolled out of bed looking this way. Personally, I don't think I pull off this look as well as many people I know, but over the weekend at Lollapalooza 2012, I did my best to play the part.

In preparation for the the Saturday lineup (Franz Ferdinand, LP, Bloc Party, Red Hot Chili Peppers...), I paired my Diesel dress, vintage boots, and Guess aviators with very simple, messy rock 'n' roll hair. For makeup, I started with L'Oréal Hydra-Renewal cream, which has an SPF of 15—necessary for the summer sun. Next came my usual L'Oréal True Match foundation in Porcelain (adding another layer of SPF), partnered with the Quo Colour Corrector palette, which I used to custom-mix a color to cover up a few pimples and blemishes (all that bad food and hot, sweaty sunshine and you're bound to break out!). After that I went with the Sephora Colorful Palette in Matte Madness 15, used as eyeliner. I opted for brown, as it's usually better for a day look, and doesn't look quite as severe as a true black, out in the sun. A little personal trick:  apply brown eyeliner throughout the day and then just add a little black over the top for a night look. And to finish it all off, a few swipes of my go-to Rimmel blush in Pink Sorbet and a dash of Revlon Super Lustrous Siren lipstick.

After all that, I was ready to go out, be super cool at the concert, and act like I hadn't done anything to my face at all.

Xx Coco

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  • Alice

    Ahhh Coco Rocha!
    She's so amazing and absolutely gorgeous <3

    I love that she says we need to look good at a summer music festival while also looking like we didn't try at all. So true hahaha :)

    The eyeliner trick seems pretty cool. I'll have to try it out sometime!

    The Ace of Hearts

  • Phil

    Gorgeous as always. Can't wait to see her on the Naomi Campbell show 'the face' as a judge.

  • ClosetCravings

    I always love seeing what must-have products someone else carries in their bag. =)
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet</a

  • NIKA80sLife

    Like your style a little bit of 80's (really my style:-)) NIKA

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Look good and light.

  • kurigumi

    I love Miss Coco!! I wanted to know if its true that the sunblock from your makeup can actually cancel out the sunscreen you put on?

    • Coco Rocha

      Thats a really good question. I'm interested to hear too.

      • Rosemary

        I have actually spoken to my dermatologist about this (what we pale girls gotta do!) and they don't cancel each other out, nor do they double up and create a higher SPF. The SPF number you are left with is whichever product has the highest. So say you have a moisturiser with SPF 10 and a foundation with SPF 15, you don't have an SPF of 25, you have 15, as that's the higher number put on your skin.

        Hope this helps!

    • Phil

      No it won't. Chemical sunscreens can have interaction with makeup, but nothing that should interfere with the sun protection abilities. Physical sunscreens are completely safe from anything you apply on top, just let them set first.

  • VotreAmie

    Super cool pulled off perfectly!!! Love Coco!


    We love when she dances a nice Irish jig.

  • larissa

    I love her she's so pretty and seems so down to earth!

  • Fairytales Coffee

    I like the fact that she enjoys makeup and I love that commercial of her dancing in White/Black Market, I think? Her work has a ton of personality and I hope she can make the jump into something that will allow her personality to shine through even more, when she no longer models.

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Gosh she's so gorgeous, she really doesn't NEED any makeup--but I really like her picks nonetheless. She seems to favor affordable beauty so she can experiment and have fun--I really like that

  • Kias

    Coco, you cannot layer sunblocks. For example, if you put on SPF 20 and then put SPF 10 on top, only the highest SPF (20) will work. They do not add up.

  • Cocoatsecretindulgence

    She is gorgeous. The lip color made her beautiful blue eyes pop.

  • Mabelmatilda

    I love that she's using a mix between high and low end products! Something I always do

  • BeautyholicRomy

    oh my gosh I LOVE whats in my makeup bag style posts!!! My festival look goes towards a more extreme eye/cheek rather than lip cuz I'd be drinking cider all day n don't want the hassle of drunkenly reapplying lippie! xx

  • reddysteadygo

    I am so surprised to see that most of her picks can be found at the drugstore. That's nice! My music festival experience is limited to CMJ in New York so I don't think this lowkey vibe works but she looks hot.

  • guest

    shes so gorgeous and i love the color of her top <3


    Everything suits coco :) you really are my only idol when it comes to fashion :)