Props to…

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V magazine for coaxing (not that it looks like she needs any) Celine Dion into doing her first photo shoot in more than six years. The results are, in a word, insane.

Nothing, and we mean nothing, will start your weekend off right quite like a quick view (or two, or three) of this B-roll video from the Sebastian Faena-lensed, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele-styled extravaganza, which shows the age-defying songbird posing in various scenarios around her $20-million-dollar Jupiter Island, FL compound. The highlights? The soundtrack, for one, not to mention an 'Air Violin' moment, and a sequence beginning at the 00:50 mark that involves suspenders, a bunny mask, and trousers covered in what appear to be vending-machine stuffed animals—that makes the whole thing worth watching. Oh, Celine. You are so weird, and you so don't care, and we love you for it.


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  • Eleanor

    Love Celine Dion! She's only gotten more beautiful with age!

  • Cindi

    Ya not so much sorry

  • isabel

    not a big dion fan but the make over looks great!

  • Simply unbelievable

    So nuts it hurts! And she would make a great heiress to Anna Piaggi weirdness in a few decades, check the 'white collar' still..

  • Azrakun

    I dont listen to her, but great photo-shoot! She looks amazing...

  • sashi

    wowww, I felt like I was drunk when I was watching this, yep right around :55 in; however, was not at all!
    Even the dog seems embarrassed to be witnessing the eccentricity of how the rich live. hilarious.

  • Dianna

    she gives me creeps. it's in her manner, it feels as if she is always acting but not well...

  • guest

    Bizarre: I was just thinking about her and trying to imagine her life as a way to fall asleep!

  • Ang

    You can't really knock this voice. She has a true gift. And I love someone who lets their freak flag fly. Way to go, Celine.

  • daphnebrunelle

    As a French Canadian all too familiar with Ms. Dion, I also have to say props to V Magazine for making her cool. Ha! To us, she is at the core of French-Canadian kitsch, and the fact that our grandmothers all love her does not help. LOL

    Love the first pic, I almost did not recognize her!

    Daphne | Dee & Duke