Valentino Couture Fall 2012


Guido (Redken): The inspiration was a very Valentino girl, meaning, she’s sort of feminine and all about beauty, innocence, but it’s a couture show, so there’s an elegance to the hair. It’s pulled up high on top of the head, just behind the crown, and it’s twisted into a chignon—a knot—and then cleaned up, so it looks very immaculately done. Then there’s two little sideburns to soften the ears. It has kind of a Seventies feel, which is an inspiration point for the house. It’s always a variation on a theme; the hair’s always up, it’s always feminine, and it always has this nod to the Seventies a little bit. To me, it’s always the same girl, she’s just in a different mode. And then I just cleaned it up with Forceful 23, which is a Redken hair product, to take all the baby hairs away.

Pat McGrath: The makeup look is very natural, but using a slight wine tone around the eyes, on the cheek, on the lips—the same tone. And a little bit of brown mascara on the top lashes, and a little bit of highlighter on the lid. It’s almost as if the girls are beautiful sketches, very simple sketches of themselves—illustrations. The look is very monochromatic—we were looking at actual paintings for reference. It’s just about the simplicity of beauty, the simplicity of these beautiful girls’ faces. I didn’t want to make it look like they had a lot of makeup on. I just wanted to bring out their best features.

Photographed by Rachel Chandler Guinness in Paris, France on July 4th 2012.

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