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I am the type of woman who likes to bite into a peeled avocado like an apple and drink aloe water when my skin feels dry, sagged, or worn. It’s the island mentality, perhaps—I am Australian to the core and love sourcing solutions naturally.

I used to love just going for a run and then out with friends straight afterwards because my skin would feel alive, and that was my beauty regime. But recently—and I’m not sure if this is age-related or related to the fact that I’m now privy to more information than when I was growing up—I’ve become more active in researching alternative skin upgrades to my daily rituals. Right now, I am in Palm Springs, California for a shoot. It’s 115 degrees and I’m wearing head-to-toe linen, plus an Akubra hat, a wet bandanna knotted round my neck, and carrying an umbrella–clearly the girl who spent her whole youth in the sea and sans sunscreen is wising up to how precious one's skin really is.

I’m also armed with Chantecaille’s botanically rich, non-synthetic, paraben-free products, which I discovered when I was wandering through a beauty department and a lovely woman stopped me, pinched my cheeks and said I needed to “up the ante on the plump factor.” I had no idea what she meant; I’ve never been a “miracle cream” type of woman, but I agreed to try her suggestions. And now I’m a convert. Both the line’s superhydrating Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask and Biodynamic Lifting Serum make my skin feel revived and bright. I’m dabbing on the serum every day and night, and I often keep the mask on overnight. Does it look nutty? Maybe, but I have to say it feels great.

X Stevie

Stevie Dance is a New York-based stylist and the founder of

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  • Sally Axford

    I sell Chantecaille here in Australia and it really is the best stuff. High-tech botanical...not raw and unstable like other 'natural' brands. That biodynamic lifting serum even has raspberry stem cells in it. Which is a big deal. Love love love.

    • East Village Siren

      Sally, you said it much better that I ever could. I also seek out and "green technology" products that are effective and stable. They work better and are tested (not on animals) for safety throughout the production process. Chantecaille has long been at the forefront of this movement.

      My only, minor quibble with Sally's quote on Chantecaille about "non-synthetic"; that's not accurate. There are synthetic ingredients, but they're what stabilize the formulations and ensure the best quality product. Chantecaille products are very well-formulated.

      • East Village Siren

        Sorry, I meant a quibble with Stevie's quote ; )

        BTW, love the new design for ITG, and the accessibility to product iformation links.

        • ITGNick

          You're right, EVS. We should have said Chantecaille's products are free of synthetic colors and fragrances. Thanks for the heads-up (and glad you like the design!).

    • SophiaXo

      Are you certain this brand is really "natural?" The mask sounds amazing, but the ingredient list I found online lists MULTIPLE (if not all) the parabens - butyl, ehtyl, iso and propyl! I also think it is weird that Chantecaille doesn't do a full ingredient disclosure on their site. They only list the "actives," which makes me wonder what they are hiding. Is there any chance someone can confirm via the packaging? Thanks!

  • Georgia Angelidou

    My obsession is also natural brands. Here in Greece we have KORRES and I am really happy with everything I have used. Another natural brand obsession is APIVITA's face masks. I also like to follow traditional Greek beauty recipies and use a lot of honey, sugar, olive oil, yogurt, lemon, tomato etc etc. Oh! and natural, green, olive oil based soap! <3 And remember: natural beauty products don't do you ANY good if you don't eat natural too....

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      2nd Apivita - love that brand!

  • Carla Kokoszka

    Wow i'm sold! I actually love Chantecaille products in general but have yet to try these! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  • A.K.

    Is that a Vogue Italia cover? Does anyone know which month or country? Thanks!

    • Natii.V

      I've been trying to figure this out since i read the post 7 hours ago! can't figure it out!

    • ITGNick

      Yep, it's Vogue Italia, August 2005.

  • kimberlyloc

    love seeing another natural beauty enthusiast on the site! the jasmine/lily mask looks awesome...adding it to my to-try list.

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I've been wanting to try the Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask for a while--I will definitely grab it now though!

  • Adonis/&/Andouille

    That cover of Snejana Onopka is absolutely divine. Though it's an old image it's simple beauty still resonates. Too bad Snejana usually has a bad case of b*tch face that sours her aesthetic attractiveness.


  • Guest

    Chantecaille's Just Skin is ridiculously good, but I only got to sample it thanks to a cousin who works at Mecca tiring of it and passing it down to me. Otherwise - it is very, very expensive. Not La Mer expensive, but expensive. Splurge that much on a nutrient rich diet and quieter, less expensive natural products. If you can afford the whole shabang, then by all means let us live vicariously through you X

  • Rola

    I think I have sampled the healing mask in the past, it was quite amazing. I will give Chantecaille a second look.

  • The Beauty Philosopher

    Stevie, I love your style of writing. It's so refreshing.