Sole Saver


Socks and summer don’t mix: bare legs demand bare feet. But stomping around in 90-degree heat in espadrilles, boat shoes, ballet flats, or Birkenstocks (I guess?) poses an olfactory conundrum, to put it gently. Because no matter how impressive your personal hygiene, sweat happens. A few years ago, an aimless stroll through C.O. Bigelow on Sixth Avenue led me to the best kind of beauty discovery: a product so specialized you hadn't even thought it existed. Gehwol Caring Footdeo is an ankle-down deodorant spray that, despite it’s Windex-blue color, is powered by natural essential oils (rosemary, lavender) and extracts (chamomile, peppermint). It’s got a clean, slightly minty scent, and absorbs quickly into skin following a few spritzes onto bare soles, allowing you to envelop your feet in leather or canvas with confidence.

Plus, the bottle’s minimalist, eco-chic design will make your medicine cabinet look more "globe trotter" than "high-school gym locker." And that red, white, and blue color scheme reminds me: Happy Fourth of July from ITG!

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  • Deslao

    Most of them heat up or have an intense refreshing feeling, that is a disaster on your face. Wash your hands very well or you'll soon feel 'the burn'.

  • Joanna Hetzel

    I think that foot/shoe spray is a really good idea because we probably sweat out of our feet as much as our underarms. Although I wouldn't want to use a foot deodourant which left a powder though. Perhaps someone should invent a foot deodourant roll on?

  • R M

    This product sounds great, how much does it cost?

  • Michelle Leao

    Dear Jasmine,

    Gehwol has an answer to every problem your feet might spet into. For Dry/har and cracked feet the GEHWOL med Salve For Cracked Skin treats heavily callused, brittle, dry, rough skin and helps the skin regain its natural softness, smothness and elasticity. For more information please contact us 877.373.7899