On The Set of ‘Great Expectations’


The blouse, the bias-cut skirt, the Zack Morris phone, the script supervisor's white Reeboks. I love the Nineties.

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  • Britt

    This is the best thing ever.

  • http://twitter.com/MartaGallegosT Tita

    Oh man I love the 90s too

  • http://blackplusblue.blogspot.it/ Clara

    Love it!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    LOL this really is great

  • alice

    gwyneth in the 90's, wow, she was such a reference for me. And gwyn and winona ryder together as BFF's, now THAT was a 90's touchstone...

  • http://thebeautyphilosopher.com/ The Beauty Philosopher

    I remember this look so clearly because as a teenager in the 90s I had pictures from this film and the green outfit cut out and in my fashion scrapbook - it was pre Polyvore, Pinterest and digital scrapbooking after all.

  • Janine

    The first thing I noticed was the phone. My goodness. The phones were so large back then! But GPs hair at that time was just gorgeous. I've read she has hair like her mother's (bush-y; I love that she uses that word since it's a word my mother used to use). GP look gorgeous today, as well, but there was something about the '90s.
    I'm such a fan of GP, Carolyn Bessette and Sofia Coppola.

    The '90s was the last decade where style and music and everything was original. Once the millennium hit, it's become all rehash. I'm not as impressed by much anymore. But I love ITG. I'm impressed. :>

  • http://starlightsworld.blogspot.com/ Andrea

    she is fabulous!


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