Not That Opening Ceremony

Rimmel London Eye Shadow

Just in time for the London 2012 Olympics, which we hear begin tomorrow night?, Rimmel’s unveiled their fall lineup, including five additions to their Kate Moss Lipstick Collection (supersaturated reds and berries) and these very apropos Union Jack-branded GlamEyes HD eye shadow palettes. Just the thing to take those spandex outfits to the next level. But are they sweat-proof?

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  • Meagan S

    Doesn't RIMMEL still test on animals?

    • Lauren

      they are owned by Coty, which I believe still conducts testing on animals.

      Also, are these posts sponsored by Rimmel?

      • bee

        Does it matter? Relax.......

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    The green and brown palettes look beautiful. I've never tried Rimmel shadows before, but I will def grab these up

  • Chantelle Lacey
  • zoobia

    I find Rimmel's eyeshadows always crease. But I have greasy eyelids (I think). I do really love the packaging and general look of the product.

  • IntoTheGloss

    Nope, not sponsored. Just getting (well, trying to get) into the London Olympics spirit! xE

  • VotreAmie