Not All Cotton Pads Are Made Alike

Koh Gen Do Cotton Pads

... you'd know if you picked some up in a French pharmacy: they're softer than anything you can find in an American drugstore, and, often, organic. But the puffs that trump all puffs have got to be from Japanese cosmetics brand Koh Gen Do (you might already be familiar with their foundation). These 100% cotton squares come protected in boxes—no smushed rolls here—and have that slightly creamy color and grainy consistency that implies "I have not been bleached!" Save your $1.99 discs for removing nail polish, and treat your face (be it with toner, Crealine, or whatever other potion you fancy) with these bad boys. Humming "The touch, the feel..." is optional.

You can pick them up ($12 for 60 pads) here.

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  • kate moss daily

    I'm going to have to try these, they'd be great for my sensitive skin :)

  • hello there

    muji cotton pads m'dear

  • Janet

    You sure know how to make a girl want to buy more!!! I use Demak'Up now, which is also pretty nice! I never use the ordinary pharmacy kind, since is seems you always need more of them!

  • Ellaprettyblog

    I don't really feel a difference - I've used the Shiseido ones with my Bioderma and my toner - but once you saturate the pad with product, you can't really feel a difference between it and the drugstore versions...

  • Veronica

    I love Asian cotton and been using it for a long time. If you don't want to "waste" $12, try the ones from Muji or The Face Shop in Korea town. Both silky and also packed in boxes.

  • Bisbee

    I have these...but for some reason, I think I like the Shiseido ones better...I think they are a bit smoother!

  • Nycmakeuplover1

    I use the shiesedo ones but now I kind of want to try these too.


  • Yacine Diallo

    muji's one are good too, can't find koh gen do in paris. i'm make up artist and everybody i'm using the muji's on say they are really soft . and they are cheaper, but for sure i heard a lot of good stuff about those one and will probably try them .

  • reddysteadygo

    This is exactly what I need right now. My drugstore cotton pads are leaving residue on my face, especially on my eyelashes irritating my contacts. They also stretch and sometimes tear, it's horrible. I would pay a little more to feel better. Or maybe we should all jump straight to the Egyptian Cotton offering from Chanel?

  • Maiastras

    I started to use a vit-a serum and my skin seems to be more sensitive now. I just purchased a box to use with my micellar water. Can't wait!


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