It Didn’t Hurt

J Colby Smith

Rules to live by from J. Colby Smith, the resident ear (and body) piercer at New York Adorned:

1) Placement: With piercings, you want to make sure the jewelry flows with your anatomy, giving the impression that it belongs there. Complementary rather than random. Keep in mind that everyone's anatomy is different, so some things work for one person better than others.

2) Color: Body-piercing jewelry has evolved dramatically over that last 10 years. The standards are titanium and surgical steel. They are both a high-polished “silver” color. These can be great if you want that throwback 90s look. If you want the ironic grunge look but want something a little fancier material-wise, white gold and platinum are available. All four of these materials look bolder on the skin and give a bit more of a dramatic effect. If you have a pinkish skin tone, rose gold will be the most subtle choice. If your complexion is darker, yellow gold will look the softest.

3) Size: If you are getting a stud, make sure the size is not overwhelming to the area it will be living in. If you choose a ring, keep it closely fitted so it isn't an eyesore. Think about it like a pair of jeans that fit vs. a pair that's 1 or 2 sizes too big for you. The only disclaimer with this advice is, when making a new piercing, we have to overshoot the length and diameter to compensate for swelling and healing. With studs, the length is usually hidden, but hoops can show the extra room.

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  • Ayanna

    I've had my lip pierced twice. It fell out :( Never have gotten a tattoo, but I SWEAR I'm getting pierced again! And this inspired me to try gold instead of silver this time ^_^

  • Melanie

    I miss my naval piercing - it was a small 14K yellow gold hoop. Loved it, but got rid of it after every pop start on MTV got one. Maybe I need to think about another one....

  • Larissa

    Love the post! Got me thinking about getting my nose pierced again but with a rose gold piece!

  • Cat

    I had my nose pierced, twice, but not any longer. And what makes me feel I've grown is that August marks the 10th anniversary of my navel piercing, which I got at 17. I can't let it go!

  • D.

    Colby's a god.

  • Amber Nefertari

    I've gotten eight piercings and the only that remain is my regular ear piercings I received at birth. I badly want to pierce my ears a second time, but I am frightened of the damage it may do since my skin is sensitive. My nose ring went wrong so I had to go to the doctor and have them take it out. But I do love multiple piercings, I look to Indian women they always have the most beautiful gold cartilage, nose, and belly rings!

  • franticpanic

    Colby did my nose piercing! (He was so nice and helpful)