Going Pink At Home


When makeup artist extraordinaire Jeanine Lobell and her fifteen-year-old daughter Esme emailed us to say Esme had spontaneously decided to dye her luscious blond locks Pepto pink, we asked for photo proof (obviously) and a rundown of the events surrounding the dye job:

"Every summer we pack up and hit the road. We always end up spending three weeks on Capistrano Beach in Orange County, California, where surfing, skateboarding, and bikes are part of the daily routine. Also, a Lobell-Edwards annual tradition is mad hair experiments. Although I am a makeup artist, I must admit I am a bit of a closet hairdresser. Many of our friends and their children can confirm this. Somehow the fact that I can do makeup makes it easy for me to convince someone that I am capable of cutting a bob or bleaching their hair! Go figure! One summer, I even gave the two Capo Beach neighbor-boys matching mohawks—their mothers were less than thrilled, but they looked very cool.  So today, Esme and I decided to bust out the pink dye. We wanted to aim for a baby pink, which fades superfast, but she'd been pretty clear: 'I don't want to look like an Emo girl.' With the help of Fudge Pink Moon, which Peter Gray (a licensed hairdresser!) claims is the best, diluted with some Organix conditioner, I went for it. My limited tools were: tupperware, a water-coloring paint brush and plastic bags. The paintbrush became way too annoying, so I just dove in with my hands. I do not recommend this technique as I am now very pink. I finished by wrapping her head in saran wrap and baking it in the sun for 45 minutes... The results were exactly what we hoped for and no, Esme, you don't look like an 'Emo Girl.'"

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  • http://adventuresceb.blogspot.com/ tierneymarie

    I really like the pink! I might actually like it better than the blonde. Either way, her hair is so gorgeous--I'm so envious! And I wish I was brave enough to do that to my hair!

  • http://thezerowinter.blogspot.com/ zoobia

    So cool! My hair is jet black, so going pink would require way too many chemicals. I'll have to admire it from afar.


  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    That turned out really, really well--and she pulls it off well! What a gorgeous girl. I have always wanted to dye my hair a crazy color--maybe I should get to it before I hit 30 :P

  • http://laurenheinz-roe.blogspot.com/ Tales of Powder Pink

    Esme looks great. You cant go wrong if you are that young and gorgeous. Glad you like the OC! We know how to do summer there. I now live in London and am craving to put on a wetsuit!

    Tales of Powder Pink

  • http://twitter.com/hazennah Hannah ZEN

    Very cool!

  • Anne Schiller

    so PO!

  • Janet Y

    What a gorgeous girl! And yes, with my dark brown hair I wish that pink was an option...


  • Rskinner26


  • Thefashioninformer

    Jeanine, will you adopt me? Pretty please?

  • http://twitter.com/ljonesmakeup Lindsey Jones Makeup

    Love the story! And love the way it came out even better!

  • VotreAmie

    SHE LOOKS FAB! LOOOOVE me some pink hair!

  • Jodi Rappaport


  • Ally

    Looks Awesome

  • Maria

    So cool!!

  • Amanda

    I so wish i had the nerve to do this! Gorgeous!!